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Virtual Popstar is a game where players create their own personal popstar that can be dressed and accesorized with over 2000 clothing items. The goal of the game itself is to earn as many fans as possible so you can go from a lonely Bathroom Singer to a Queen or King of Pop! There are many ways to earn fans. For example, you can perform in over twenty countries! You can also participate in dress up contests or play games. On a daily basis, over 500 players are playing Virtual Popstar!
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Making an account is easy, but then what? I want to be honest with you... there are many possibilities in Virtual Popstar, which is a lot of fun for those who keep playing long term, but it is also a challenge for new players to get to know it all. This game has a more promising future than other games like it. So after you sign up, I will give you a tour. Also, an experienced player will be assigned to you as your mentor. You can ask your mentor anything anytime. BUT, if you are not willing to put some energy into getting to know the game, then do not sign up. If you are willing to invest some time to be a part of our super cozy family, then you are more than welcome to join!
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The happiest dress up community game in the world. Make friends on the forum, dress up your popstar and play games.

 2500+ items to dress up your popstar!
 14 games to earn free popdollars!
Make new friends without effort!
100% ad free and free to play!
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Cammye: Virtualpopstar is a cute, new site that I love to use. I like the forums, trying to become a queen of pop, and dressing up my popstar! The community is very easy going and welcoming to new users!
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