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VirtualPopstars Next Top Model Cycle 2 (by Jyoti )

Next Top Model is scouting for talented fresh models who are ready to make it to the next level! Think you've got what it takes to succeed? Then keep reading. 

This is Cycle 2, the search for VP's Next Top Model is back! There will be four rounds of photoshoots within this cycle, spanning over this upcoming month. Everyone will be able to enter all four rounds.

What do I do to take part in these photoshoots? 
Each round of photoshoots will be posted into the forums when they are active. They are simply dress up comps with themes that you must follow in order to enter. More information on how to enter will be in the forums. 

How do I win? 
At the end of each round there will be  15 female winners and 7 male winners. They will be allocated points from 15 to 1 (females) and 7 to 1 (males). 

After all four rounds are complete scores will be added up and the 10 females and 5 males with the highest scores will receive the below prize! However, there will be an additional prize for the female and male with the highest score, but that is a surprise.

But what is new?!
For Cycle 2 we at the Next Top Model wanted to give you something more to fight for. So there will be a single item prize exclusive to each individual round! Keep your eyes peeled as we have a range of prizes from many different designers. I promise, you do not want to miss out on them!

Stay tuned for Round 1 going live!

Good Luck!

Female by Solovey    |     Male by Luxion

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Private wrote on 07-04 18:52:
Prplez wrote:
"so there will be a single item prize exclusive to each individual round" omg
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 07-04 18:51:
Prplez wrote:
omg that set is brilliant hahahha
Report | Quote | X
Smile2 wrote on 07-04 18:50:
Smile2 wrote:
Ohhhh my god the prize is Indian god now I have to win at any cost ahhhhhhhh I want that set
Report | Quote | X
Fiskarna wrote on 07-04 18:44:
Fiskarna wrote:
lovely layout (:
Report | Quote | X
Djinn wrote on 07-04 17:09:
Djinn wrote:
I can't wait!
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 07-04 15:22:
Hypoxic wrote:
you all seem pretty excited ; )
Report | Quote | X
Damjal wrote on 07-04 14:15:
Damjal wrote:
omg yeese
Report | Quote | X
Dayae wrote on 07-04 13:52:
Dayae wrote:
Report | Quote | X
LeelaWadee wrote on 07-04 09:03:
LeelaWadee wrote:
So beautiful set, I'm crying <333 
Report | Quote | X
Helia wrote on 07-04 08:56:
Helia wrote:
Jyoti wrote:
@Helia look at this set <3 
Omg I am officialy read. @jyoti 
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Private wrote on 07-04 06:35:
IX6V wrote:
omg that elephant set... i have absolutely zero chances of winning it but i want it so bad... i can try but i have a very limited wardrobe
Report | Quote | X
LalaaniWonderland wrote on 07-04 06:26:
LalaaniWonderland wrote:
I may enter this one cause i was too late for the last one
Report | Quote | X
Wren2012 wrote on 07-04 04:23:
Wren2012 wrote:
Oh my gosh!!!! Its the elephant set! I'm definitely not missing this! The prizes are so good. And this is such a fun event. Glad there is a cycle 2.  
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Viivotin wrote on 07-04 03:59:
Viivotin wrote:
is that a snout
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 07-04 03:13:
Arachne wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 07-04 02:57:
Misdreavus wrote:
BlackCatGirl1 wrote:
Excited for this because we’ve been waiting for that set! 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 07-04 02:56:
BlackCatGirl1 wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 07-04 02:51:
Misdreavus wrote:
The layout is beautiful!
Excited for this round ahhhhhh ❤️❤️
Report | Quote | X
Jyoti wrote on 07-04 02:46:
Jyoti wrote:
@Helia look at this set <3 
Report | Quote | X
Jyoti wrote on 07-04 02:42:
Jyoti wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Fleaur wrote on 07-04 02:42:
Fleaur wrote:
i'm beyond excited 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 07-04 02:39:
Emiliaaaaaaa wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Nymphette wrote on 07-04 02:37:
Nymphette wrote:
This layout is sooooo good
Report | Quote | X
SpecialSauce wrote on 07-04 02:36:
SpecialSauce wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 07-04 02:34:
SisterMorphine wrote:
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Private wrote on 07-04 02:33:
Hypoxic wrote:
Check out the Explanation & Discussion thread ! 
click here

Round 1 is coming soon!

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