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selling stuff because I am poor, last few credit used on this shout lol
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Outifts I liked607-05-2018 19:05
Joonies Lips Appreciation Post1116-02-2018 17:49
old outfits post408-01-2018 15:28
comic stuff707-01-2018 05:32

 Reportcomic stuff
about my boygroup boys'r'us and their leader being late to an interview

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CoolDood wrote on 08-02 20:29:
CoolDood wrote:
Depravitea wrote:
Depravitea wrote:
his face tho

tbh yes bc hes lowkey the autist of the group and most social interactions just oconfuse him ;v;
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Depravitea wrote on 08-02 20:08:
Depravitea wrote:
Depravitea wrote:
his face tho

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CoolDood wrote on 04-02 17:00:
CoolDood wrote:
Orchid wrote:
This is the only blog post I found about a boygroup comic thing in your blog. ): BUT BOYS'R'US IS SO CREATIVE OMG. "walk walk walk" CUTE

I WILL DEFFO POST MORE OF THEM bc i have so many doodles and things
if you wanna check them out already theyre also on tumblr
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Private wrote on 04-02 07:58:
IX6V wrote:
this is actually quite fun i love this
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CoolDood wrote on 04-02 03:55:
CoolDood wrote:
MiriamLorraine wrote:
thats adorable >u

aw thanks ;v; i drew tons more but im too lazy to color everyhting rip me
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MiMi wrote on 04-02 00:08:
MiMi wrote:
thats adorable >u
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CoolDood wrote on 03-02 23:27:
CoolDood wrote:
yall should read this i even colored it ok