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 ReportQ&A with Pats

Out of boredom I collected some questions that you guys wondered about me
nd this is the blog that I will reply to them in!
it will ve continued and more questions will be added as people ask me stuff

What are your favorite subjects and what do you like to do in your spare time?

Hm... I gotta say woodwork back in school. I loved the teacher, he was hilarious.
and in my spare time I like to make 3D models, animate and play video games.

How old are you?

Currently I am 19 years old. but I turn 20 in November.

waffles or pancakes?

Waffles. specifically one brand I usually buy but I forgot the name.

Why is there binary code in the bottom of your profile? :3

I grew up with my dad being a complete computer wiz, so he thought me some. He could read binary without nay translators. But I used translators for fun aha. So I just had that interest in me.

What are your religious beliefs?

Hm... I don't really believe in anything. Though I've been currently been looking int LaVey a lot. 
But as of right now, I don't really believe in anything.

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Echoes wrote on 14-11 22:23:
Echoes wrote:
So yeah
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Echoes wrote on 10-10 21:15:
Echoes wrote:
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Echoes wrote on 22-09 23:15:
Echoes wrote:
Keep the questions coming
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Godis wrote on 16-09 14:44:
Godis wrote:
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Echoes wrote on 16-09 14:17:
Echoes wrote:
Barbie* goddamn
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Echoes wrote on 16-09 14:16:
Echoes wrote:
Wheatley wrote:
this is super interesting!! i never expected the woodworking thing
I built multiple things in wood and worked a lot with metal.

i made a key using a munch of hearts but I can't find it *cries*

i made a plane and an old car that I still have, and a built a dollhouse for the neighbours kid. But she threw it away... it was huge af sicne it was meant for Barrie's ahah