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 ReportBT | A message from my heart
This is dedicated to every person on go who has ever made me smile, even through the tiniest of hellos to the long conversations when I've felt sad.

*some great ass beats playing*

im so sick and tired of trying
but you are always there for me
i don't need to keep on crying

I always have you by my side
I know I might be out of my mind
but I am taking my time
when I am carrying a heavy boulder
I know I can trust you
with handing me a helping shoulder 
you have always been a great support for me
and I really hope
that for you, support, I can also be

i know there's a war inside of my head
but I can trust you
with guarding my shed
you're always here for me, you always stay
even if I walk away

I've been praying for someone to save me
and I know, I know that you would be here
I am thankful for a friend like you besides me
and you know, that for you I will always be there

You're the reason I see light
without you, I would be stuck at night

When I fell down the rabbit hole
you were there to pick up my pieces
and make me once again whole.

Story time.

At first I was dared to make a rap for another player, and I wanted to be all silly and shit but then... idk what happened. It became serious and I am dedicating this to all of my friends who has been there for me. 
Or people who as just held small chit chats with me while I've been depressed or had anxiety attacks.

this is dedicated to everyone who has done something to me, smallest of thing to make me happy.
thank you all.

i was dared by smile2 to make a rap for another player
 but it became playerS

i might add more later, so it's not finished. But yeah... this s what I can come up with right now

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Private wrote on 28-10 11:44:
Yoko wrote:
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Glowed wrote on 28-10 10:48:
Glowed wrote:
This is amazing wow !! 
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Smile2 wrote on 28-10 10:46:
Smile2 wrote:
I can read this again and again. Really love it(l)
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Echoes wrote on 27-10 17:22:
Echoes wrote:
ily all 2 ah

Thank y'all<3
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Godis wrote on 27-10 17:17:
Godis wrote:
Very beautiful and good! 
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Random wrote on 27-10 14:42:
Random wrote:
So pretty<3
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Josten wrote on 27-10 13:01:
Josten wrote:
ily2 patty 💞💕💖💗💓