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Im trying be a role model! get out of my business slimemän!
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its just kinda weird , existing though theres no purpose of existing. i read a book, the hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy, that takes place in an alternate reality where earth is simply demolished. it is a very clever book, because humans take it as "fiction", but if you knew the author (and anything actually outside this planet) like i do, you can appreciate it as satire on the current state of the GU and its focus on hyperextending infrastructure through lesser parts of the universe. anyway. the book actually gave me a sliver of hope that i can get away from here someday - the universal understanding that earth is a terrible place was very comforting to me. i have to come to find that i cannot discuss this with other humans, they tend to see me as "depressed" and say things as "stop being so negative, elliot". the only people who share my views tend to be no-growth anti-overpopulation groups, but can be a bit too much for even me, and do not actually realize the severity of the situation. they have nothing to compare earth to, i suppose. 

i like apple juice though. and i am trying to find comfort in video games, but they are so lackluster in 2D. i managed to get a small apartment, meaning i dont have to share with PAUL (a blessing). he was getting on my nerves with his eating, eating, eating, hogging the bathroom, making sounds while he slept. i had to get away (sorry PAUL, you will find better. so will i). as part of moving out, i decided to also get a cat. her name is b-e, to remind me of my sister back home, but among humans i call her beatrice. some human names can actually be pretty. unlike PAUL. it is surprising how lonely you can get here. i know earth is one of the smaller planets in the ring, but still!

my connection to the "mothership" as ive seen it be called in alien movies here, is pretty lousy still. they said they are working on getting it better, but i happen to know jolas on dynetea already has a pristine connection! earth just is not fair. to anyone. 

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