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 Report.;^< Board and Card Games >^;.
Okay so as the previous post, I want to collect some stuff I wrote in a thread. So yeah, here's another big passion of mine - board games! I'll write some more info on them later, hahah.

You play as a team of scientists to defet a virus that is becoming an epidemic. You cooperate with the other players, instead of playing against them to defeat the virus. Can't remember the time it takes, but I think it wasn't over two hours, at least, hahah. Board game.

The exact opposite of the first one, you play as the virus and compete against each other to kill humankind. (Deffinitely a favourite of mine, I like being destructive, lol). Also board game.


Based on the French Revolution, or rather the aftermath. Easy and quick to learn. Goal is to collect as many valuable heads as possible. It's a card game, and it's actually super fun! No problem being played with two people, though it's more fun with at least three people.

Love letter
Also quite a well-known easy to learn card game. Very similar to Coup, but imo it's easier to learn. (Coup is also a really nice card game!!!!) Basically have the highest card at the end of the game in your hand. You chose between two cards to play which gives you various opportunities to improve your card.

Board game where you build a ... country I guess, and en u getting points for what you build. Easy and quick to learn, and doesn't take too long to play. Good thing about this one is that there are MANY expansion packets, so that you can add twists to the game (and also good thing to use as future gifts).

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