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 ReportValentine special!

  Let us spread some love! 

I planned and prepared this long before valentine and everything written below is from the person itself!
Maybe you're mentioned?
Don't forget!
You are so special and amazing even though you might not of get mentioned!!

Cute, you are the most sweet person ever and I really appreciate that you
are my friend! Not to mention that you have just an amazing
sense of fashion. Just, simply amazing!
x September 

Dani, I've fallen for you and can't get up... 
Happy Valentine's day, Ceylin

Peppu, i hate that how much i love u darling pylly ♡
from Anonymous user 11

Mice, you can hakuna ma tata's anytime you want...
Happy Valentine's day, your ZEBRACAR (Ceylin)

Probook, Maria you are amazing! 
VP would of been nothing without you <3
from KawaiiFlowerGirl

Akuma, For my good friend, thank you so much for introducing me to this game!
I have had so fun here! you're an awesome person, and your style is totally stunning! 
from Zafrean

Triangular,  you're an ass but you make my life good
from Anonymous user 12

Nightmareviolet, Dear, you're so sweet and have the cutest personality ever!
you make my days alot funnier! aaaaand I love your dogs!
from Zafrean

Orbital, you are never online in here but ily
from Anonymous user 12

Dablueberry! you're so awesome! I'm so happy you're a part of my life, and you're always fun to be around!
from Zafrean

 You are the closest friend I have on here, thank you ♥
from TwiIight

Probook, I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you (friends) 
from Kawaiiflowergirl

SecretlyApug, I'm so jelous of you name! Just wanted you to know that!
x September

Photosynthesis, you are my significant otter...
Happy Valentine's day, Ceylin

Mirjana, I'd bone you...
Happy Valentine's day, your slut Ceylin

CrystalCastles, i love you from the bottom of my heart!
from Anonymous user 1

Eli, Thank you for doing amazing job on vp, i am a big fan of yours.
Also thank you for making one of my vp dreams come true when you donated me
that amazing skin i love so much♥
hugs, Epitaph

September, thanks for that nice idea i don't really know you but you seem noice
from Anonymous user 12

Peppu, I wanna thank my awesome friend who has supported me, helped me to get
back in here and always talking with me. You were literally my first friend in here, so thank
you my love♥ Also remember your promise little one. ;3
hugs, Epitaph

Kinggkylie, Wishing you happy valentines day 
You have gorgeous fashion sense! Thank you for the looks you have made for me c: 
I hope we could get to know each other better 
 -Siri, Sirenia

Cute, you're the cutest!
from Anonymous user 1

Sareureuk, just wanted to let you know you're amaze and lovely!!!! xo
from Anonymous user 2

, i love your designs and i really hope you'll get into SMT!
from Anonymous user 1

Shadowjess, you're great! Huge congratz to the Admin position you got! I totally
hoped for you all the way. Hope you'll like your extra responsibilities! 
x September

Ceylin, thank you for all your hard work for this website, i really appreciate you!
from Anonymous user 1

Smileygirl, well you quit vp but you're missed
from Anonymous user 12

I want to thank everyone who has EVER send me pd or cr or items, i love you all for that.
Might not have been big thing for you, but for me it has been huge help and showing
that there is nice people out there too.
Also people who has liked my outfits or given me compliments or even just talked to me,
thank you that means a lot to me you have no idea how much. 
So thank you vp community and all the people here for being awesome and nice to me. c:
from Epitaph

Snailman, this greeting goes to a very special sneckenman, jazz
from Anonymous user 3

Tanara, We havent talked a lot yet, but the time we have has been awesome.
As long as i know you are amazing person and want to get to know you more
and more, thank you for being here♥
hugs, Epitaph

September, my dear thanks for being my friend in here, i dont have many so it has
been awesome to get to know you. You are amazing and don't you dare to change
anything about you. Thanks for being there for me. ♥ c:
hugs, Epitaph

Natalia, Thank you for always being my best friend even though we're
not always on the same side. I don't know what I would do without you, I really love you.
from Loquinzell

W0nderland, you are a wonderful sis, love you!
from VeryCoolNinjaa99

Julia, You always make such cool outfits !!
from VeryCoolNinjaa99

Mice, you're very cute and i appreciate all the time and effort you put into SMT!
from Anonymous user 1

Eana, ur the best friend ever never let me go you make me life a
lot better so thank u for that. and it's nice to have a friend with similar interests and stuff luv u lots
from CrystalCastles

Adore, ur the greatest i'm glad we've become such great pals u bring a lot of joy in my life and i love u very much.
u serve iconic lewks too. and um yeah hope to see u soon xoxo
from CrystalCastles

Biretemilia, my #1 birch i luv u a lot and hope we meet soon. i think we're soul sisterns or something tbh.
it's nice to talk about being a successful adult woman who experiences a lot of emotional, physical
and abstract things while being on a gap year.
from CrystalCastles

Babe, ur so dear to me and i enjoy talking to u on a daily basis aAAa i don't know why
but when i think about u gsm comes to my mind a lot maybe cause we experienced so
many things there together lmao. i respect u 4 speaking ur mind that's something i don't
always do, lov u lots xoxo CrystalCastles

Cute, ur the cutest HAaheae ur so so sweet and funny as fuck. i enjoy playing with u and talking
to u and i want to get to know u even betteR..
from CrystalCastles

Kaysha, ur still a mystery 2 me but yeah i like u a lot and hope that some day i know something about u..
keep using vp u make this site a lot more bearable. 
from CrystalCastles

Sophie, Wishing you Happy Valentines Day 
I just met you but id like to get to know you more c: and you seem to be awesome 
human being so i'm wishing you happy valentines!
-Siri, Sirenia

Eppuska, luv u my son :') ur so sweet and funny and everything it's so nice 2 play with U
from CrystalCastles

Sotakoira, I'M SO Happy u joined vp i missed u ur the greatest
from CrystalCastles

Drem, i like u lots and hope u'll become more active on vp soon i miss U
from CrystalCastles

Velvet, ugh one of the few people that i don't know well on vp but i'd like to.
ur so cool and i love ur looks and yeaH ur great.
from CrystalCastles

Suchomimus, I lov u so much, you make life so fucking GREAT
i dont know where i'd be without u
probably DEAD in a ditch or something ,,
thank u for making life so fuckign wORTHWHILE
probably would hav e quit vp if it werent for u
ur allowed to only b e friends with me
from Anonymous user 5

Solovey, Your designs are the bomb! I also think you're cool!
from Anonymous user 19
Mirjana, I kinda wanna get to know you cuz you're cool but im shy and awkward
from Anonymous user 19

Encrede, You are one of the very few people i look up to on vp, but im to shy and awkward to talk to you
from Anonymous user 19

Shoket, i'm glad ur part of our record label you're such a nice person and our code kween
from CrystalCastles

Deschanel, ur so nice and i'm glad ur a part of our rl and i wish we would talk more?+
from CrystalCastles

Hungry you are so kind and warm person. You have always understood me so well.
Even your presence lifts my mood. 
hugs, Anonymous user 6

Muru, ur great too :] ur drunk voice will haunt me 4ever
from CrystalCastles

Biohazard, ur the sweetest person ever??? wish we ould still talk
from CrystalCastles

Kaeris, I love you with all my butt... 
Happy Valentine's day, apple Bottom Ceylin

Baileyyrosee,You're my favourite hoe 

Epitaph, I love to annoy you by sending you cr in huge amounts. Because mostly of the
fact that you don't believe that you deserve it, cuz you do gurl! Love <3
x September

CrystalCastles you are the real reason I use this site, you always make
me feel better about myself and my choices. I've never seen you rage or
anything and I need that kind of positivity in my life, everyone does. 
hugs, Anonymous user 6

Ad0xa, you are something special. Actually a few years ago I was afraid of you,
haha. I was also blocked because I had sent a advertising pm to you on goSupermodel
when I was 12. But you unblocked me in like 2015 or 2016. That was the most happy day in my
gSm life. Because even though I was blocked you've been a huge rolemodel to me gurl!
You are just amazing at pixelart and I have like 40 pictures of your old gSm designs in my
computer that I saved down at the close down of goSupermodel. Your outfits has always been
stunning too, I just can't stand them. And I can't believe we've gotten this close that we are now.
I am truly thankful for getting to know my rolemodel and amazing person as you.
We have such cute and awesome conversation at times and I just keep enjoying them more
and more. And your real name, hell it's pretty. I want it. I just hope you know how much you
mean to me and others. Keep it up with your amazing designs! *hugs*
x September

Kaeris, hey!! i just wanted to say that you make my time on vp so much better.
i feel like we've never really talked, but you're still so kind and works really hard for
the youtube-team to go around, which i respect so much.
you're amazing and i hope that we will keep in touch for a really really long time!!

Mice, Thank you for being you, you help me so much! Every time I'm
feeling down I know I can always come to you, and you'll make my day better.
I hope one day we'll gain the courage to meet up in real life.
from Targaryen

Heathens, even though we fight and don't get along 8/10 times I still appreciate you
as a teammate and person. Don't forget that! ^^ 
x September

Ceylin, We haven't been friends for that long, but you've already become important to me.
I hope we can keep talking and maybe even start working together in the SMT?  
from Targaryen

Morose, I just wanted to say that you are absolutely incredible.
I haven't met a more warm-hearted person in this game, and I really do admire you.
You're the cutest little bean!Happy Valentine’s to my favorite person in this game!
I hope you feel loved and appreciated on this day. Because you are.
- Anonymous user 4

Undyne and Toriel, hey, as i write this we are only four people on the
youtube-team and i know that it feels hard sometimes to make everything work.
i just wanted to say that i appreciate you guys for doing what you do for the
team and i look forward to getting more active and working with you guys.

Solovey, your designs make my life complete. You are just unhumanly good att what you are doing!
Never stop doing it, promise me that!!
x September

September - You were my first real friend here, and even though we don't talk
that much anymore, you've helped me so much! You're so cute and positive,
you make vp so much better for everyone!
from Targaryen

Nawzu, Wishing you happy valentines day   
Firstly I love you. Secondly you're the most dearest person to me and i care about
you so so so much. I know you're having hard time at the moment with self confidence
but i'm here to remind you about how gorgeous you are, how kind you are, how beautiful
and amazing person you are. I'm always here for you. You're my cute little wiccan friend ♥
Happy valentines Nasu c: Hyvää ystävänpäivää♥
  -Siri, Sirenia 

Harness, you have the most amazing humor and I just love you ok?
x September

Wisteria, Our convo on kik makes me happy, we should talk more.
from Targaryen

Amadeus is a very special friend of mine and he was one of the first people I talked to here. He helped me and told me about all the interesting things here on vp which made me stay here c: We have the same humour and we talk often with each other!
from Callisto

Malayasia, sent me a friend invite just the other day but she did send me a nice look that I could use.
I just wanted to talk about her a little bit because she just sent me a look and befriended me,
which made me feel happy. A new friend is always fun! I hope that she and I can become good friends c:
from Callisto

SocialMedia is really nice. I appreciate the fun games and competitions every week
which are very well taken care of. Everyone who are involved in all the events are really
worth to mention. But I personally enjoy the wwib comp every week which
SocialMedia takes care of. Thank you very much! 
from Callisto

Rats, you probably won't ever see this. But just wanted you to know that
I and much other people miss you and your amazing talent at art really much!
Take care, x September

Everyone on Team Blue, You're amazing, I love working with you.
from Targaryen

Avocovo, you are one of the best persons i ever met! You are so talented and
smart and so cuteeee, and i just wanted to tell you that i love you so, so much <33
from Era

Yukiangel, you are like my big sister and you are so funny and your
outfits always slays cx love ya' <33
from Era

Mirjana, you are a great person and i really good writer and i love all your outfits!! <333
from Era

Kipa, we didn't talk so much but you are a great and talented person and i'm lucky to be your friend <3
from Era

Appleciderh, you are like a rainbow. How so? Well, you have a lil' of everything cx
You are funny, smart, kind and i can bet you are hot af xD <33
from Era

Sareureuk, you are such a sweet person! I never met such a kind person ever!
You are amazing and i love ya' <33
from Era

Aquilera, I still can't belive that we have so many in common xD Anyway,you are a cool and sweet person c;
from Era

Felicity, thank you for being the first person to add me as a friend on here, and my first friend on here 
from Anonymous user 9

, I want to write a valentines-greeting to you actually!
I think that you seem really sweet and loving, and I like seeing you in the forums.
I would love to get to know you better! 
x Calcifer

Avocovo, Apricity, YukiAngel, Euforia and Era, I don't have many friends here,
but thank you all for your help and you are very kind people. I hope to talk more
and be friends forever!! Love you all!
from Magdys28

Jenniferchu, This greeting is special for my first best friend here, Jennifer.
You are the best person I ever talked to here.You helped me many
times whenever I have some problem.You are awesome 
from Anonymous user 10

Tezzica, hi! got to know you a little bit by being on the youtube-team.
and although i haven't really talked to you a lot, i would still like to say that i look up to you.
you seem really collected, smart and kind. see you in the forums or in guestbooks from time
to time, and i just wanted to say that it makes me happy to see you around.

, Lise, I've told you this so many times before but you're an amazing person!
I respect and admire you so much especially for how much you do for SMT. You are
so committed to and put in so much effort for the team. Apart from a good team worker
you're also a great friend and someone I know I can talk to whenever I need to.
I'm so glad I got to know such a wonderful person as you <3
x Krystle

Tanara, I just have this urge to throw this out there, you are amazing,
love u boo
, and I'm so sorry we didn't find a date to hang out when you were
in Kolding, hope we'll figure something out and meet each other, cause' you're great 
from Laboratory

Holy, I know I've only know you for a year but you've already become the
closest person to me in the world, I love you so so much and spent so long worried
that you would get tired of me or that this was just something short term but actually believe
and hope that we will stay friends as long as we live, and although this might be a bit
cheesy I love you so frickin much and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't even be alive today,
so yeah you're the most amazing and beautiful person I've ever met and I still
can't believe that I found someone like you. 
hugs, Crytic

, You're a great person! So mature, understanding and supportive. I'm lucky to work
with you and to get to know you a bit through SMT. 
x Krystle

Solitude, i'm really glad she is back, i missed her!
from Anonymous user 8

Troublemaker, hi!! haha. i just remembered that i got to know you by helping you out with hearthstone,
lol. haven't really talked to you, so i don't know you very well. but i wanted to say that
i see you around in the forums a lot and you seem so kind to everyone and i
really adore you for that. also, your outfits are a l w a y s soooo good, who r u? : ' )

Cute, I just wanted to say that you are a ray of sunshine and I love seeing her in threads <3
from Anonymous user 8

, I don't know you well but from what I've seen you're a really sweet and loving person.
I like how you're always trying to spread positivity even by making competitions
where people have to share something good/kind. You're also very generous, I respect you for that.
x Krystle

Sugar666, happy valentine's day migle
yokik will live on in my heart
from Salem

Mmimousa keep ur head up, you are valid and appreciated and worthy of love!!
from Anonymous user 20

Felicity you are a ray of sunshine on vp, dont let ppl get u down
from Anonymous user 20

Suchomimus ure the cutest thing on vp tbh, wishing u the best in ur life
from Anonymous user 20

Soap TAKE CARE OF URSELF PLEASE  hope you have a good day!
from Anonymous user 20

Quinzelle i love how friendly you are! its nice to see u posting in threads
from Anonymous user 20

December u are a cutie, happy valentines day!
from Anonymous user 20

Jadevega youre kinda crazy lol but ure also a v good and v loyal friend. remember to care for urself too tho
from Anonymous user 20

Nishinoya happy valentines day, be good to urself! try not to let negative things become overwhelming!
from Anonymous user 20

Mice try to keep ur spirits high, its a tough af job trying to run this site lol but youre doing it well!! 
from Anonymous user 20

Adore I adore you. You bring so much positiveness to this site and never
stop amazing us with your gorgeous outfits. You are also incredibly wise person. Xoxo. 
from Anonymous user 6

INFECTIOUS, WTF ur so cUTE and funny wtf ur such a small small boy
thank u for being in my life and for not being too shitty 2 me
ur the b e s t when it comes 2 grammar n spelling
and it is jarring wHENEVER ur upset so
from Anonymous user 5

Cute you are the cutest. You are a warm person that anyone would love to
have in their life. I wish you all the best xoxo.
from Anonymous user 6

FrancineDragQueen, to me you are everything and life could not possibly
matter without you. Thanks for  giving meaning to my life! Don't ever grow up gurl!!
from Fuggler69

Unfortunately I have no friends here but love you all!!
from Holo

dear Tanara
Roses are red
my heart is fat
be my valentine
or cash me outside
how bout dat
 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
from May02

Kawaiiflowergirl, what is true friendship? When you enter your best friend’s
house and the wifi connects automatically to your cell phone. 
Happy Valentine and I hope you will enjoy the day ^.^
from Probook

Rat, i have like never talked to you? which makes this kind of awkward,
sending you a message on valentines. anyways, i just wanted to say that i really
look up to you and your art. i think you're an amazing designer and artist. you
also seem very kind and funny in the forums. i read somewhere that you're back on vp
and this time you don't want to be abused by teams, and i totally understand that.
because eventhough me and a lot of other people really adore your designs and art,
that doesn't give anyone the right to think that you will be able to do something for
them and not getting something back in return. so i hope that you never will feel
preassure by this site ever again, and that you can more or less enjoy being on this site on the internet.

, Henry (that's your name, right?) you're such an uplifting spirit and
you never cease to amaze me. Your kindness, support and caring for your friends fills me with joy.
I'm truly blessed to know you, and you always make me happy. While being supportive,
you still voice your opinions and I love you a lot. You deserve the best ♡
from Anonymous user 7

Myrcella, thanks for being a cool twin 
from Targaryen

Dear Admire, You are a very nice person to talk to and also your really kind
and I like you so much! Have a happy valentine!
from Anonymous user 13

Dear Adore, You are a lovely and beautiful person! I hope you enjoy your day! Have a love filled valentine!
from Anonymous user 13

Dear Alexys, Whoever said valentines day was only for lovers? Your really quite amazing Alexys,
and I would love to be like you one day! Have a happy valentine!
from Anonymous user 13

Dear Tezzica, I just want to say that you are so pretty and amazing and
everything i could ever think of! Dont let anyone bring you down!
from Anonymous user 13

Dear Brithanna, Friendship is all about understanding, its about forgiving,
moreover its about loving unconditionally! Have the best valentine my friend!
from Anonymous user 13

Cataract, where do even I begin, you've made my life better in so many ways,
I really enjoy talking with you and you're definitely one of my favourite people on this site!
I should tell you how much I appreciate you more often, because you're such an amazing
person and your personality is so unique and lovely, I am extremely grateful
for having gotten to know you, bLESs
from Anonymous user 14

Myrcella, thank you so much for coming into my life, you're a blessing to this world.
You're the smartest person I've ever gotten to know, and you've got sarcastic
and true responses to everything. You're such an open minded person and
I really hope our friendship will remain strong, thank you for being you ! <33
from Anonymous user 14

Himekochi, I would like to thank you for being such a nice user, I hope you continue to
stay on VP. You've really helped me getting started on here.
from Anonymous user 15

Rowan I'll let you guess who this is, if it isn't obvious, You are an absolutely
amazing artist, your style and adorable characters are a great inspiration to me,
+ you have awesome hair. 
from Anonymous user 16

Dani, I secretly admire you, you made me stay around because of those
AMAZING designs. Will always be on the lookout for your new creations.
from Anonymous user 15

Careless, I think you are too cool for me, but one day
I'll gain the courage to actually talk to them in the forums. 
from Anonymous user 15

Wheatley is just a very nice user, just a shout out to how great he is. 
from Anonymous user 15

Botany has always been one of the best avatar makers Ive ever seen
in all the places I've seen her. She's amazing! 
from Anonymous user 15

September, I would also like to thank the wonderful user in charge of this lovely idea.
Very nice of you and this is just a fun thing to do for the holidays :>
from Anonymous user 15

Wandererdee is one of the sweetest users I've met since I joined.
She has helped me with the little things and that is what makes her great. I thank you for everything! : >
from Vig

Desireii you are a really awesome person and great friend to me :3
from Lostflight

Glade, This greeting is dedicated to my twin sister, who's also my best friend.
She has accompanied me since birth and has never made me feel lonely.
She is the person I can always went to and confide in. She is a person I can trust.
Without her I would be so lonely. I'm glad I have her in my life!
from Callisto

Callisto, the family love could never be any greater than this. You are an amazing friend! <3
from Anonymous user 17

Emerynn, you are one of the few who actually care to write and talk with me here on VP. Thank you for that 
from Anonymous user 17

Ad0xa, no one can design like you. Keep rocking and loving what you do best! ^3^
from Anonymous user 17

September, well done on making it so far, you've worked hard to get where you're today!
from Anonymous user 17

VikityHeart, Heart to you and your soul<3
from Anonymous user 17

Nova, you're a Supernova, just a big explosion of love! 
from Anonymous user 17

Socialmedia, thank you so much for all you're doing on VP. And you have so much more to show!
from Anonymous user 17

BlueTeam, you make so many people happy, much love towards you!
from Anonymous user 17

Woxi, hello there! Hugs and kisses sweetheart!
from Anonymous user 17

Himeko, Happy Valentine kawaii Himeko! <3
from Anonymous user 17

Mweepie, Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I really admire your style and
enjoy talking with you! Your unique personality really makes VP a happy place.
from Anonymous user 18

Cuta - Shes my friend for life and I love her
from Rainacorn5459

Itzsnitchery, Even though she may not come on a lot  she will always have me as a friend
from Rainacorn5459

September, I thank you for hosting something that makes people show how much they care
from Rainacorn5459

To everyone not mentioned, a picture from Sirenia and me: 

(made by Sirenia!)

Some valentine inspired outfits:

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Fuggles69 wrote:
@FrancineDragQueen its here
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September wrote:
@Solovey @Kaeris @Akuma  @Felicity  @Eli  @Peppu  
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@Epitaph @heathens  @Harness  @Rat  @Sareureuk  @SocialMedia 
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Just randomly tagging you since you're all mentioned, if you've missed it!
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Quinzelle wrote:
Quinzelle i love how friendly you are! its nice to see u posting in threads
from Anonymous user 20

I never even saw this before. 
tysm to anon 20 <333 bigkiss 
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Private wrote on 22-02 10:58:
Mirjana wrote:

can boys be a slut??
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Private wrote on 22-02 10:39:
Mirjana wrote:
oh didn't see this before now 
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Private wrote on 15-02 13:18:
Jen wrote:
Thanks a lot anonymous user 6 ;3 so sweet ♥ that was so kind ! 
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Solitude wrote on 15-02 11:13:
Solitude wrote:
Solitude, i'm really glad she is back, i missed her!
from Anonymous user 8

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Botany wrote on 15-02 07:17:
Botany wrote:
Thank-you anonymous user 15, I feel honoured to have even been mentioned considering I haven't been here for very long.
I take a lot of pride(and time) in making my outfits.
i'm happy to know it doesn't go unnoticed. <3
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Private wrote on 15-02 05:53:
Shoket wrote:
Crystal, you're such a cutie!  Thanks for your nice words, I appreciate them.
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Alexys wrote on 15-02 00:59:
Alexys wrote:
O.o wat I had one who's anonymous user 13 
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Eppuska wrote on 14-02 18:02:
Eppuska wrote:
Crystal mom plz <333 :'^3 ty luv u too <3
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Private wrote on 14-02 17:59:
Quinix wrote:
did u got the limited code?
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Private wrote on 14-02 17:34:
Halo wrote:
YollieStar wrote:
RING wrote:
YollieStar wrote:
I did not get on the list
me too xD
ïs like noone knows me or like me always the same awesome peole I love that egtting stuff
its okay you got me <33
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Private wrote on 14-02 17:32:
Quinix wrote:
RING wrote:
YollieStar wrote:
I did not get on the list
me too xD
ïs like noone knows me or like me always the same awesome peole I love that egtting stuff
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Private wrote on 14-02 17:31:
Halo wrote:
YollieStar wrote:
I did not get on the list
me too xD
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Private wrote on 14-02 17:28:
Quinix wrote:
I did not get on the list
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Ennui wrote on 14-02 17:08:
Ennui wrote:
Ty for the meaningful pic that brought me to tears cus I'm weak
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Baileyyrosee wrote on 14-02 15:36:
Baileyyrosee wrote:
"You're my favorite hoe" 
damn zehra, bringing tears to my eyes
so cute
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Photosynthesis wrote on 14-02 14:31:
Photosynthesis wrote:
Oh crud! I totally would have sent a few things in sad

But Ceylin, I will always be your significant otter
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Private wrote on 14-02 12:46:
Targaryen wrote:
This is amazing sweetie ♥
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Private wrote on 14-02 11:50:
Callum wrote:
this is so cool, thanks! 
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Callisto wrote on 14-02 11:10:
Callisto wrote:
Saw that you enden up posting the three last ones I wrote about, I wasn't sure I made those in time x)
But I did, so, good! This was very nice indeed to see and read! Very pretty pictures too~~
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September wrote on 14-02 11:05:
September wrote:
Please no negative comments. I put a lot of effort in this and read the picture above the last one! Also the text before all the greetings!
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Private wrote on 14-02 09:27:
Whorelogram wrote:
@Suchomimus @INFECTIOUS  hmm ,, ur names r here. ..  suspi cious...
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Reved wrote on 14-02 09:21:
Reved wrote:
aww is this sweet
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Private wrote on 14-02 09:18:
Encrede wrote:
anonymous user 19,,, reveal urself..,,.,.,
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Asmi wrote on 14-02 09:09:
Asmi wrote:
This was nice!
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AkumaNoNamida wrote on 14-02 09:08:
AkumaNoNamida wrote:
No one Love me ): *Broken heart* 
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Venom wrote on 14-02 08:56:
Venom wrote:
Well nobody loves me 
But thank you for hosting this, it was amazing!
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Private wrote on 14-02 08:35:
Tanara wrote:
OMFG i am smiling rn
gckfcjfnf thanks @Epitaph @may02 and @Laboratory <3
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Cosmos wrote on 14-02 08:32:
Cosmos wrote:
I may or may not have been too focused on bootcamp if that had been the case. :c 

BT doesn't have its own Cr you could've used? O.o A shame you had to use your own, that sucks.

I wasn't pmed, would've done this for free *cries* TAT but if you're willing to still edit I'd send some in, although technically I don't need the blog and could just express it to the people themselves, but just thought this was a cool idea CX 

(Not quoting so you don't get two mails) 
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September wrote on 14-02 08:27:
September wrote:
Cosmos wrote:
When was this? O . O I would've loved to send in something had I known about it O . O 

But this is such a great idea CX I love it! 

A week ago.. had problems finding people willing to send anything in at all so had to give out half my cr to people sending in. I even pm'ed people to get these and 9/10 ignored ._.
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Private wrote on 14-02 08:22:
Storybook wrote:
This is so cute happy vday
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Private wrote on 14-02 08:19:
Myrcella wrote:
@ anonymous user 14 & 7 please pm me
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Cosmos wrote on 14-02 08:18:
Cosmos wrote:
When was this? O . O I would've loved to send in something had I known about it O . O 

But this is such a great idea CX I love it! 
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Julia wrote on 14-02 08:17:
Julia wrote:
Wow i love this initiative! Also the layouts are really beautiful. Thanks for arranging this