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{option}  Long time no seA sweeties! {option}

Been one hell of a busy summer with no time left for eather vp or blogging. 

Okey so where do we start?
I have been working, full time, in 4 weeks straight now which I'm not used to at all.
I was free on wednesdays every week, I didn't even have one weekend off. I've been
working my ass of, literally. Before these 4 weeks I worked 6 weeks with a more accepting

And the passed week now I've been working with my very own (hired) apartment with my
beloved boy. And damn those IKEA furniture. They might be really well looking and nice and
stable, but to put them together, no, just no. It's easy, but it takes a lot of time and a loooot of energy.

Now I've finally come to that moment when I don't have to look back. No more fake friends, no more
idiots who can ruin my life with forbidding me to visit my boyfriend and tries to ruin our future. 
I don't have to think about the stress of moving out. I'm already flewn out and ready to fight the grown up life
in a city where I don't know anyone and is 3 hours away from my mom, dad, cat and sister (yes she will be less missed).

My work at home is done and now I will be looking for a new one in this huge, for me, unknown city.
My boyfriend continues his studies if he, as I really hope, passes his exams. Otherwise he won't get his money he
is lends and that put us in a frustrating situation. We cannot pay rent with only me having and getting money and
he can't continue stadying then. Then he will be searching for work as well. 
But probably he will sort this shit out because imma make him and give him no other choice.

So I thought... I might give you a tour in my beautiful home.

My mom gave me these amazingly pretty lightholders 2 years ago when I turned 18.
They just make everything just perfect.
Anyway, our kitchen, or like, our table. Our very expensive table and chairs
that cost £400. Never again. Hurt my wallet.

Our livingroom in daylight. The picture on the wall is taken by me and I'm really proud of it actually.
Me and Simon loves cats, unicorns and pink. Which pretty much sums up our whole home.
To the left there's this black "bookshelf" which gonna have a TV on it soon. For now we use, as seen in the pic,
a computer to look at on the dark evenings. Our sofa takes up out whole huge room. We could
never brought a bigger up and in this building, I can assure you. To the left, behind the plants,
it's two desks. One gaming desk for Simon and one desk filled with pencils, pens and shit for me.
As you see there's also a desk by the window, it is filled with makeup and 75% other stuff
I won't ever use. Our carpet under the table is so cosy I could sleep there instead of in my bed.
Where the unicorn is lying there's this huge pillow of ours. It's like 1,5m X 1,5m. 

And here's a picture of our livingroom during nights:

We have a lot of cosy rugs and blankets to snuggle into.

Our bedroom, which isn't done yet. We are waiting for my parents to bring up my big bed
which is bigger and the bedframe to the right is suppose to encircle it. Also some few details
as a few paintings on the walls and less garbage on the floor.

The lamp in our kitchen was a hell to install. Not that I did it but... I watched my handy man do it.
It was 438 loose parts and all the flowers was put together seperately, it wasn't like the whole thing was put
together in the box or something ._.

Last but not least, our bathroom. One of my favourite with the sea as theme.
My boyfriend believes it's too much shells but I mean, it cannot be tooooo much shells?


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September wrote on 20-08 11:42:
September wrote:
thank u so much ppl <3
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Private wrote on 19-08 21:16:
BLNkBLrRY wrote:
omg thats SOO GOOD i would kill to live there, akjsfhjskfd

that bedroom tho omgomgomg

my room is just, a mattress and hangers tbh
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Djinn wrote on 19-08 20:48:
Djinn wrote:
Looks nice! I only have a teeny tiny apartment. :/
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September wrote on 17-08 23:45:
September wrote:
Avarice wrote:
ammaz ingg

I absolutely love how the lighting looks at night in the living room, magical sorta

Yes indeed?? I Love it <3 Thank you
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Avarice wrote on 17-08 22:05:
Avarice wrote:
ammaz ingg

I absolutely love how the lighting looks at night in the living room, magical sorta
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Private wrote on 17-08 21:11:
Yoko wrote:
aa beautiful 
Report | Quote
Private wrote on 17-08 20:43:
Dazzle wrote:
Nice job!