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 ReportThe greatest fears..

I haven't done much of a blogpost in a while, except bombing you with drawings maybe.
But I thought I might talk about fears, since it's a really interesting subject, don't you think?

We all are afraid of something or someone. Who knows? Some might even be afraid of being afraid, like watching a horrormovie. Are you really afraid of what's going to happen, or are you afraid of just the fact that you in a few second might jump and hit your head in the roof of clean fear?

I have two things I'm afraid of. If we ignore small things such as spiders etc.

The first one; Getting thrown out in space.
Many of you probably have seen the movie Gravity, which basically is about a medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space. [IMDB]

The space, the galaxies and everything is endless. The only thing that isn't is your oxygen. How long can you survive? It's actually a question about time, only. 

But can you imagine to be thrown away, you can't move, you feel weightless, hopeless. There's no one who can help you, you are out there, all by your own and the line that was supposed to connect you with your ship got cut, and suddenly you drift away, away in the dark. You are about to experience something no one has ever experienced before you, but you won't be able to tell anyone, because the oxygen is about to peter out and soon enough, the only thing you will be, is a lifeless body float around in the endless.

The second one: The sea.
The sea feels like space, it's endless, undiscovered and creepy. Also dark. I mean wouldn't it be awful to float away, from everything you know, into something no one knows. 95% of what's under the water is undiscovered, who knows what can happen? You might drown, or get eaten up, torn apart or even disappear in the streams.

I absolutely hate to swim in undiscovered water. In places I haven't been before or on beaches where there's no islands you can see further out. I have too much fantasy and I got these ridiculous thoughts about something grabbing my feet and take me away. Also I DO NOT swim in water if there's no one in the water already. The sea scares me, what's under it scares me more and what I don't know, that's the most scary part.

What are you afraid of?

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September wrote on 15-09 08:52:
September wrote:
Trecane2 wrote:
September wrote:
Trecane2 wrote:
Actually mind too,.__.
I once was so convinced that I was going to die I went crying to my parents room
Yeah when I was little I thought I would fall asleep and never wake up again so I refused to sleep. For years xD
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Private wrote on 15-09 08:42:
Nureyev wrote:
I have a fear of clowns and dolls :\
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AkumaNoNamida wrote on 14-09 11:09:
AkumaNoNamida wrote:
My biggest fears is Confined spaces, spiders, People, heights, darkness, 
end of the world. (Although I probably are dead by then).. 
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September wrote on 14-09 09:40:
September wrote:
Gloomy wrote:
my biggest fears are bees and wasps

How so? Allergic? ^^
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September wrote on 14-09 08:00:
September wrote:
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September wrote on 14-09 08:00:
September wrote:
Trecane2 wrote:

Actually mind too,.__.