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 ReportAsk September anything!

*Idea taken by Mirjana* 

Ask me anything.
You can't step over any lines at all. Just, stay nice and I'll answer as fast as I can.

Q & A:
What's your fav color?
- Probably red or pink, or like a mix of them both. 

Do you like chocolate?
- Yes, but can only eat a few pieces before I start to feel sick...

Do you still want to get in to the bloggerteam?
- I've always want to be one in a team, to show what I go for, that I can be a person to count on! So yes.

Is it something you think vp people doesn't know about you? Name on thing!
- I actually don't like to draw that much, but I do it...

How do I make such cute outfir as yours?
- Pick 2 colours to start with, light. I chose pink and white, also a bit blue. 


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Private wrote on 24-11 06:04:
JennaLove12 wrote:
Who's your favorite designer?
Why do you like to blog before you were on the Blogger Team
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Private wrote on 03-11 08:35:
ShadowFury wrote:
Wanna tell me how i can make such a cute outfit? 
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Private wrote on 03-11 08:20:
EndHelene wrote:
Name one thing/fact about you that you don't think vp-people know about you yet?
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Emiliyana wrote on 03-11 05:45:
Emiliyana wrote:
do you like chocolate?
because i love it
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Private wrote on 02-11 22:25:
Melony753 wrote:
whats your fav color