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 ReportkBops // 2

welcome back to kbops with wisteria. this week we hav 3 new bops that u NEED to hear!!!!
if u have bop suggestions, lemme know n i might decide: yes

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ –

number one: momoland – bboom bboom

this shit grows on u and momoland is the only kpop group tht is allowed to dab at this point. it's an amazing kBOP and i swear if u sleep on them..... support the small girls.! also watch this live because they shout "great!" and believe me, it's GREAt
– ~ – ~ –

number two: blackpink – so hot (theblacklabel remix)

okay its a cover but i miss blackpink n this shit is a k b o p. they are great and i went through 2 much to get this on my spotify playlist. listen 2 the original by wonder girls if u wanna
– ~ – ~ –

number three: twice – heart shaker

oke it's time to talk. its time for twice's music to be on spotify. i forgot abt this last week cuz its not on my playlist. pUT THEM ON SPOTIFY. anyway, this makes my heart shake hah,, so listen 2 it
– ~ – ~ –

this week of kBops with Wisteria is over but like i said make some suggestion say: yes these songs are BOPS.

see u next week on.............

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Josten wrote on 13-01 21:42:
Josten wrote:
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Wisteria wrote on 09-01 17:08:
Wisteria wrote:
an extra bop about being a hot potato by the only boy band i stan, n.flying. ur welcome