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I love my new outfit!!! Finally got the skin!
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Vel wrote on 24-10 22:59:
i love your look 
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Basil wrote on 24-10 04:56:
your look with your un right now is giving me life you look so cute!!! love your sets
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Seokjin wrote on 22-10 21:34:
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Private wrote on 22-10 00:12:
u look cute 
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Elowyn wrote on 07-10 01:25:
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Peachmilk wrote on 07-10 00:57:
Seokjin wrote:
what'S with you and your cat memes? I like it though
idk I just find them hissslarious
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Seokjin wrote on 07-10 00:55:
what'S with you and your cat memes? I like it though
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September wrote on 06-10 22:09:
Nice balloon. Matches your outfit :')
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TheWayfaringStranger wrote on 06-10 19:25:
Thank you!
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Zuula wrote on 05-09 22:12:
hey you, yes you, accept my friend request that i send a century ago ♥
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