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Depravitea wrote on 08-07 18:34:
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Acetone wrote on 03-07 03:51:
beötiful boy
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Depravitea wrote on 28-06 22:50:
M base snow white; your interpretation
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Depravitea wrote on 24-06 06:40:
your Avi rn is real qt k
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Monarch wrote on 20-06 19:53:
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Private wrote on 19-06 07:14:
cool outfit (l)
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Kieren wrote on 18-06 01:22:
I just wanna say I love this makeup you made its perfect,
and I highly encourage you to recolour it in every colour of the rainbow because I NEED IT <3

if you recoloured it in a bunch of colours I could even plan to do a little thing with it. :3
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Calcium wrote on 12-06 21:27:
Your outfit is so cute!!!
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Ad0xa wrote on 11-06 23:31:
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Pistol wrote on 09-06 04:04:
ok i think im going to swap to male ^___^ are u excited
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