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Buying and trading for my wl. Please Pm me
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Record label name: Kawaiicake
Owner: PatricaFox
Moderators: - Private
- Popcorn778
Founded: 29-07-2017
Number of members: 14
Number of active members (last 72h): 5
Combined number of fans: 464.889
Country: Hollywood
Number of successful tours: 0
Latest successful tour: Unknown


 Welcome to Kawaiicake record deal we'd love to have you join the Kawaiicake family! We accept everyone who wishes to join Kawaiicake whether a new or old player we welcome you to the family. So come join us today!

(at the moment we are not following either tour schedule due to not enough members participating once we have more members we start following the schedule, due to this we are hosting a event were the next 5 people to join kawaii cake will receive 1 CR as a reward.)  

Regular Tour times (Pacific time)
Friday: 3 pm or 7-8 pm
Saturday: 1-3 pm
and again on a random day per week excluding Friday and Saturday if possible. 

(Summer or any school break) Tour Times:
Monday- Tuesday: Tours will start around Around 4-5 PM
Wednesday: either 3 PM or 8 PM
Thursday:  Break day no tours
Friday:  Either 3 PM or 8 PM
Saturday: 1 PM
Sunday: No tours break day

# Name Level Fans Country Online
1 Private National star 118.318 Germany Germany Offline
2 Rinmu National star 107.321 Netherlands Netherlands Offline
3 PatricaFox National star 57.052 Peru Peru Offline
4 UNKN0WN National star 52.175 USA USA Offline
5 CAZZINO Youtube star 39.016 Egypt Egypt Online
6 GothickSama Youtube star 38.453 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
7 Private Youtube star 17.657 Milan Milan Offline
8 Private Youtube star 11.543 Milan Milan Online
9 SoulSucker Youtube star 10.767 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
10 Popcorn778 Streetmusician 5.548 Portugal Portugal Offline
11 Private Streetmusician 2.166 Spain Spain Offline
12 Happycat565 Streetmusician 2.097 Milan Milan Offline
13 Aska Streetmusician 2.026 USA USA Offline
14 Jini Karaoke star 750 Peru Peru Offline