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Conspiracy theories - Food (by Private)

Hey everyone, for those who don't know me, I'm obsessed with conspiracy theories. I could spend ages talking about them; it scares my friends sometimes about how obsessed I am with them! Instead of just focusing on a general article about them, I've decided to start separating them up and putting them into sections. This also means more creepy articles, which I know a few of you love! So let's jump right in and talk about the weird conspiracies of the food world. 
Tim Horton's is laced with Nicotine?!

For my non-Canadian friends, Tim Horton's is a big part of our culture. So when I heard that people believed that they were lacing their coffee with nicotine, so the customers kept on coming back, I couldn't help but laugh. I mean, of course coffee is addictive, but to think the company is adding in extras just to get you to come back over and over again. 

For those who aren't aware of what Tim Horton's is, imagine a Dunkin' Donuts but in its true Canadian form. It sells everything from coffee, all the way to freshly made sandwiches.

As someone who has worked for a Tim Horton's for 4+ years, I can honestly say that they company isn't trying to add chemicals into the coffee to get you more addicted than what it already is. 

This theory has gotten so out of hand that the company had to address the rumors on their official website. You can find it the answer in the frequently asked questions if you would like to see how they dealt with the issue.
Chipotle's tainted meat

Back in 2016, all news outlets were reporting that Chipotle had been going through a large E-coli outbreak. This forced many of their meats to be recalled and many of the stores shut down until it was sure that none of the meat was testing positive. 

Now, you may think that it's normal. It happens, it isn't the first time that a company has had to recall food due to an outbreak of some sorts. But what if I told you, that the company had been sabotaged? 

For those who aren't familiar with the company, Chipotle is very against GMO's and is very prod to advertise non-GMO foods. The conspiracy is that large GMO corporations have slowly been tainting Chipotle's meat with bacteria in hopes to ruin their business. 

Chipotle has reached out, they have heard about the theory but sadly they have no way to prove if it is true or not. 
Starbucks purposely writing our names wrong? 

We've all been there, you go into your local Starbucks, and they manage to mess up your name. On a rare occasion, they will ask you to spell it. Other times, they butcher your name and try to make it as outrageous as possible. 

Recently, there has been a theory going around saying that baristas are told to mess up your name. When you think about it, you ask yourself why? Why would they go the extra step to mess up your name?

Well think about this - what's the first thing you do when you get your cup and see you've been wronged? You snap a picture of course. You send it to your friends and post it onto social media. 

The theory is that they mess up your name on purpose to get free promo on your end of things. The more people you send it to, the better for them. Just think, someone sees a picture of a Starbucks drink and is immediately craving to get one.  

This really bugs me because it's so true, I always take a picture when they mess it up and send it to all of my friends.
Food related Mandela Effects

Oscar Mayer - When I was a child, I would watch tv and always see the ad's on the television. Usually of a child sitting on a stool and singing a jingle. Except, when I remember it 'Mayer' had always been spelled with an E, to form the word "M-E-Y-E-R."

Kit Kat - I was at the store the other day, and at the cash was looking at a few of the chocolate bars. I was perplexed when I noticed the Kit Kat bars, and asked the person I was with if they remembered when there had been a dash in the middle. I'm not the only one who remembers it this way; many say that there is a dash between the two words on the bar.

Jif Peanut Butter - When I heard about Jif, I had no clue to what people were referring to. I used to remember the company being called 'Jiffy'; I just went online to see if this was real and all the websites now refer to it as Jif. They used to even show the commercials of the mother telling the kids that she could make sandwiches in a Jiffy! 

Fruit Loops/Froot Loops - This is a weird one, because no one can really agree on when it changed or what it changed to. Some believe that the name went from Froot Loops to Fruit Loops. While others believe that the name changed from Fruit Loops, to Froot Loops. I've always known it to be Froot Loops, and honestly can't say that I remember any other versions of it. 

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Kaj wrote on 27-08 16:21:
Kaj wrote:
Cool to read
Report | Quote | X
Igneous wrote on 13-08 14:36:
Igneous wrote:
omg the one about starbucks! could be so true hah never thought about it
Report | Quote | X
Hatsumomo wrote on 13-08 04:05:
Hatsumomo wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Djinn wrote on 13-08 04:03:
Djinn wrote:
I had never heard of a 'Mandela effect' before. o_o
Report | Quote | X
Handik wrote on 11-08 19:58:
Handik wrote:
Was a nice and good read <3
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 11-08 19:42:
Gingivitis wrote:
The people who think Tim's is addicting because it has nicotine in it obviously don't know what the fuck caffeine is. 
Report | Quote | X
Hailee wrote on 10-08 01:30:
Hailee wrote:
Starbomb wrote:
Nice article! Nice layout too, I wanna eat that french toast in the middle pic, lol.
right? All I could think while writing this was 'mmmm food...'
Report | Quote | X
Starbomb wrote on 10-08 01:04:
Starbomb wrote:
Nice article! Nice layout too, I wanna eat that french toast in the middle pic, lol.
Report | Quote | X
Hailee wrote on 09-08 21:40:
Hailee wrote:
For those wondering if the text got cut off, I'm not sure I'm on my mobile and can scroll to the end !! I will check once at home and fix it ! 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 09-08 21:39:
Felicity wrote:
nice article hailee! (l)
Report | Quote | X
Wren2012 wrote on 09-08 16:44:
Wren2012 wrote:
Nice article! :) I love conspiracy theories too. They make me consider the world around me in a different way.
wondering if the Starbucks text got cut off. :) 
Report | Quote | X
Sirenia wrote on 09-08 11:12:
Sirenia wrote:
Koolaid wrote:
lmaoo that's pretty smart for starbucks to do 
I have worked in Starbucks for 4years :'D
I can tell you that this theory at least works in Finland ;) 
Report | Quote | X
Koolaid wrote on 09-08 10:38:
Koolaid wrote:
lmaoo that's pretty smart for starbucks to do 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 09-08 08:50:
Jen wrote:

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