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Youtube star

What does WRENCH think of you?

I'm bored and my old one got cluttered. So moving here lol

Tell me what you think of me and I'll tell you what I think of you.

youre honestly one of my best vp friends ever, and even if we’ve never met you’re a better friend than those I have irl. That one text you sent me once, mean more to me than anything else in this whole world. Especially in that moment. You’re one of those people o feel a strong connection too, quite honestly. I’m really glad that we began talking and took it as far as we have.

Is it safe for me to now claim I’ve secretly adored you from a distance? You feel like a really cool person overall and I’m scared to send a message. I know you’ll most likely won’t bite me but I’ll most likely bite you because I’m socially awkward. Oops...  aaahhhhh

It’s been so long ah. But I remember when I first saw you around I found you really interesting but I never had the balls to message you or anything ah I really find you creative with your outfits and they’re always so cool/cute. The drawing you have in your blog are adorable and you seem to be an adorable person.

i don’t think we’ve ever had a proper talk, or even talked at all ah
but yournoutfits are always really nice and I have a really good impression off you. It would be fun to sometime at least try to have a conversation haha
I’m always pretty awkward in the start haha

I don’t think we’ve had a proper talk either? But from what I’ve seen of you you seem like a pretty cool person.
I think I even drew a bee in your graphic guestbook once.

You seem to be a very kind person, and you make extremely bomb fantasy outfits. i’ve Always adored them, always so colourful.

Your makeup is bomb as fuck and i’ve Enjoyed seeing your progress from your first Instagram post to your latest. You’ve come really far and you just become better and better at it as time goes!

i haven’t really for,ed a proper “opinion” about you, but from what I’ve seen you seem to be kind hearted. Your outfits makes you seem... mature, in a way. And I quite enjoy that. 

i keep mixing you up with someone else and can’t remember who your main is AAAHHH
but for at least what i’ve Seen from you as a Male you seem to be a really nice person! 

one of my first close friends on vp
Thomas the tank engine
I’ve always enjoyed having you around, and you’re a really decent, funny and kind person. 
we should talk more again!

You’re one of the most mature people I know on this side, and I really enjoyed working with you on BT! You)re a really creative person and I love your writing style and you’re layouting skills. They’re so nice to look at! you're very easy to talk to, and thanks another thing I like about you^^

MY FAVOURITE SCOTTISH PERSON! Or is that David Tennant? Oops
You’re so easy going and I love talking to you, and your kind heart and your spirit is so easy to lift my mood when it’s needed. Even if you’re my husband’s lover 
you make bomb ass outfits and I want your style. You always seem so joyful, and I quite like that. You’re easy to joke with and easy to talk with<3

we don’t really talk as much as I’d like but, but you’re a very kind person. 
i love your art style and I secretly stalk your deviant art without being a watcher. Which I probably should now that I think about it. You got real talent dude

louie Louie Louie Louie what happened to us
and I still feel shitty for mixing you up with someone else when contact came back
i have my Louie back, and I’m glad for that. Let’s try and pick i it up where we left off, shall we? I must find my kik
and yours

i din’t think we’ve ever spoken, more than I’ve seen you around a few times, I haven’t really formed an opinion about you but you seem like a pretty chill and good person.

To be completely honest i’ve Never seen you before so I don’t really have an opinion about you ah

I don’t really have an opinion about you, since we’ve never spoken. But from what I’ve seen you seem really friendly and kind. Which are two very good traits!

sorry husband, but Evan is my #1 Canadian.
jk jk,you’re my husband and I lub u
You’re one of my first friends on here and I’ve seen you develop so much and all your teams and everything you’ve done for this site. I am really happy you’re my friend, you’re kind and friendly and amazing and funny

you’re probably one of my favourite people on this website. you’re wise, kind spirited, and one of the most mature people on this website.

I don't really personally know you, but form what I've seen you're kind hearted and friendly. I really like your skins and hairs, they're so soft and nice and the textures aaaaaaahhhh


I honestly don't remember a lot lol
but you seem like a pretty cool person
Makes me wonder if we've walked past each other or not lol

I Don't really know what to say as we've never really spoken and I haven't seen you around a lot. But you make really nice outfits!

You'we one of the most adowable people i know on hewe ok.
You'we an amazing pewson. Youw awt make me supew happy each time I see them. I still need to finish Ruby and I have an idea for an outfit now
*cough* what?
I love your outfits, I love you, I love your skills, I love your personality, I wuv u.

Hi Ko-Haj
I wish we spoke more ah =( just those random snaps ain't enough
You're one of my first friends on here and I'm SUPER glad for that<3
Youtube star


Yes, what do you think of me ? 
Account deleted

Is this new with the old opinions ? 
Youtube star


But nah ur a precious being and I really enjoy seeing u around ~
World famous

ur pretty cool i remember you because you also live in malmö lol

you're a cool dude
Youtube star

i lowe u wwench 
International star

rice buddy ;'DD you were one of my first friends here, and I think you're a really cool and talented person!! i wish we spoke mor e
Youtube star

Jae wrote:
Is this new with the old opinions ? 

Pretty much

but since we've pretty much become friends I'm changing it to YOU'RE AMAZINNN
Youtube star


Ahh bless u 
Youtube star

Uuuh! Love your outfit. You seem fun!
International star

i don't see you around much at all 
(nvm i checked your profile and remember your old user too). 
yeah i see you around but i don't really have an opinion of you, maybe cause you're most active in competition/creative forums? idk that may have been completely off but you seem nice
National star

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