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sinus puncture
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has anyone gotten a sinus puncture and irrigation? how painful is it exactly? i'm having that done on wednesday
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heyo i got it done they stuck a big needle through a bone in my face and put water in there

the needle part didn't hurt luckily because they numbed it with lidocaine, it just a made a fun CRONCH sound when it went thru the bone  but putting the sticks with lidocaine in my nose was uncomfortable like i didn't know you could put something that deep in the head thru the nose 

What is sinus puncture? .-.
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Samfie wrote:
What is sinus pinctute? .-.
a doctor puts a needle through your nose into the sinuses in your cheeks area (maxillary sinus in this picture below) and injects in water so it flushes out any mucus. there's a thin bone between the sinus cavity and the nose cavity so they have to push the needle through the bone. they do this procedure sometimes when you have a sinus infection so it cleans out the mucus and bacteria, or if you have a cyst in the sinus. 


Ahh, ok. Thanks for answer! Seems a bit frightening imo haha
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