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I drunk called my fuckbuddy on 5th, I can't remember what I said but I remember him sounding busy (I think he was cleaning stuff since he needed to go away for the weekend) and me wanting to come over. I don't think I said anything mean etc but I sent him an apology the next day anyway. He didn't answer to it but we leave each other on read all the time. I asked him yesterday at 13 if he has any plans for today and he saw that at 18 (yesterday) and still hasn't answered anything and now I'm scared that he's angry at me or something. That maybe he thinks that I'm clingy or something since I wanted to come over on 5th too?

I know that he has a lot of people messaging him and sometimes he answers me later even if he has seen the message bc he just opened it quickly, moved on the next person and was meaning to answer me later and I do the same, but. What if. What if I said something while I was drunk or what if he thinks that I'm too clingy?? DD::

I'm not planning to ask him about that bc there's a chance that he's actually just been busy but I just needed to get this out. I'll ask him if he won't answer in a week bc then I know for sure that something is off
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