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Virtual Popstar rules (consequences)
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Threads will be closed when/because of:

-There’s a fight or a possible fight. Just stay nice to each other I don’t want people being rude or mean to each other.

-Clickbait titles

-Misleading topics, tell peeps where your link goes, we want everyone to stay safe and don’t want anyone to see stuff they don’t have to. (Jump scares and stuff like that.)

-Ads, ads for other sites or give away sites are forbidden. You can post your social media but that’s your own risk.

-‘’I quit topics’’ One is fine 20 isn’t. Go spam someone else.

-Topics with scary and shocking images, think of the younger kids.

-Bullying, we do NOT accept bullying on Virtual Popstar. We can’t know if something is sarcastic/ironical or just a joke so if it looks like bullying we’ll close it.

- ‘’(Name) check your mail!’’ 1 topic is fine 20 isn’t.

-Unclear topics. ‘’Omg this is so cool/stupid but I’m not gonna tell you guys’’. Well don’t make the thread then.

-Continuing on a closed thread. It was closed for a reason.

-By request of the maker of the thread.

-Super old threads that don’t have a reason to be brought back up.

 You’ll get a warning when:

-Throwing someone under the bus. It’s not up to you to tell someone’s story or to be plain mean/rude to them.

-Being disrespectful to someone.

-Discrimination, in all forms, so skin-color, beliefs, gender etc.

-Spamming. You can post 2 messages in 10 minutes. After that you’ll have to wait 10 minutes between each messages or someone else has to reply in between. This also includes personal threads. (Basicly you can't post 3 times in a row, if someone else comments in between your comment you're good)

-Asking for a win on a Virtual Popstar game like the battle or the fashion contest. Play it fair guys!

-Threaten someone, if it’s really bad you’re going to get a Time-Out.

-Encouraging others for alcohol or drug abuse/use.

-Trading items with other sites.

-Asking for someone’s password.

-Sharing a voucher code without permission. (You might risk getting a Time-Out.)

-Cussing/badmouthing/scolding at another player is not permitted.

-Sharing someone’s personal information on threads/mails etc. (You might risk getting a Time-Out)

-Stealing someone’s designs or lay-outs without permission, so basically copyright.

-Deceiving, if you can show evidence that someone didn’t follow the trade agreements that person will get a warning. Note: We will not and can’t give you your items/credits/pd back.

-Cheating on Virtual Popstar games, if you see someone do it screenshot it and send it to a mod/admin.

-Abuse of a Virtual Popstar bug.

You’ll get a Time-Out when:

You’ll get a TO when you break any of the rules above more than once in a short period of time (Like a day) or if a mod thinks it’s really bad (for example you spammed way and way to much.)

-Spreading lies about others.

-Trying to hack another player or the site itself.  

-Badmouthing/being disrespectful to the max. Go ahead and be rude to someone in real life. This is a community where we’re respectful to another. If you’re really mad at someone you can just take a moment log off and cool down or you can mail a mod for help.

-Death wishing or threats. We do NOT accept this at all.

-Making a new account because your other account already has a timeout. Lol nice try but you have to get your punishment.

You’ll get banned from the site when you have received 3 Time-Outs in 2 months.

 If you don’t agree with a warning or Time-Out you can mail a mod or the admin and we’ll look into it and see if we can remove it from the system. However ONLY discuss why you received the time out after its duration is  completed. Coming online with a sideacount while it is active is evading your time out and is highly frowned upon! We’re not all perfect and mistakes can be made. Do not make a thread because that’s not going to help.

When there’s a new rule or an update we will ALWAYS let you (the players) know by making a topic and adding it to this list. 

With lots of love,
The Mods and Admin.

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