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Tea Time with BloomCissi (by Kawaiiflowergirl )

Hey there! This is BloomCissi, ready to spill the tea for you! I would like to begin with relaying an announcement from the man behind the website himself, Kaj. In light of the current corona pandemic, he has instated new regulations to help curb the spread of the virus. The new rules state that only 50 people may be online at the same time, and that only three people may be in the same thread at the same time. Breaking these rules will result in a 14-day timeout. In the event of repeated offence, the most valuable item will be removed from the user's wardrobe. You better not break those rules!

After this very serious announcement from our creator, it's time for something a bit more lighthearted. I know you all came here to get the tea served, and I'm not about to disappoint! We will start with a rumour that has been circulating for a while now. Sources have been claiming that Shadowjess might be stepping down as admin within the near future, in order to focus on her career as a gardener. While these are of course, just rumours, my grandmother always told me that there is never any smoke without fire. Speculations about a potential successor are running high, but no one I have spoken to wishes to disclose any details. Who this successor might be thus remains a mystery. But my reporter instincts tell me that we will be hearing an announcement from the admin herself about this matter very soon.

Snusmumrikken becomes Mummitrollet
It has come to my attention that one of our most famed users, Snusmumrikken, known for his unwavering love and admiration for Eurovision, ice hockey and linguistics, and who for many is mostly known for his adoration of Snufkin, has now decided to change his name to Mummitrollet. Those who know him well tell me that this sudden, and frankly, shocking, change was prompted by an incident that happened just last week. I called Azriel, who is a close friend of Snus-, I mean Mummitrollet (sorry about that, I'm still getting used to the change), to find out more. According to Azriel, what happened was very tragic indeed. As we all know, Mummitrollet is an avid collector of Moomin-mugs. His favourite mug, of course featuring Snufkin, went missing after a mysterious intruder had been around. It was not a thief, because nothing else was stolen. Instead, the beautiful mug was found lying shattered into a thousand pieces not far from Mummitrollet's residence. What could he possibly have done to deserve such cruel punishment? It is safe to say that Mummitrollet was utterly devastated by the news, to the extent that he could no longer see or hear the name Snusmumrikken without bursting into tears. When I reach him for a comment, he simply brushes me off and tells me it's not any of my business. I was hoping I could get his side of the story as well, but in this case I suppose it just isn't possible.

Atencia and Kruspersille at war with each other after THG-simulator brawl
The Hunger Games simulators, which have been immensely popular during the past month, have not just been all fun and games. Two users, Atencia and Kruspersille, have apparently taken the games a bit too seriously, resulting in a bitter fight between the two. It is now safe to say that the conflict no longer remains just a simulated battle. It has gone so far that Atencia even dressed her avatar in combat gear, fully armed with both knives, guns, and a bow and arrow. It did not take long for Kruspersille to retaliate, turning her avatar into a ferocious monster, ready to attack. This battle has garnered widespread attention, and calls are now being made to settle this dispute once and for all. As the peacekeeper she is, Luminescence stepped in and demanded a ceasefire until the conflict could be resolved in a more peaceful way. Unfortunately, this method was bound to fail, with Atencia firing an arrow just minutes after a ceasefire had been called. As the self-proclaimed master of martial arts, Cimorene suggested the conflict be settled with a good old hand-to-hand fight. This will take place on the ancient gladiator arena, which has not been in use for centuries. The interest and investment from the community in this battle of the ages has skyrocketed in the past few days, and spectator seats have already been sold out. Melk and Libertas are making good use of the situation, taking bets on who will emerge as the winner. The epic fight will take place on Saturday, and I will of course be there to give you the latest updates. This is going to be exciting!

Team troubles in DT
Keen observers have noted that tensions seem to have been brewing (no pun intended!) in the Designer Team for a while now. An insider source, who prefers to remain anonymous, has told me that the conflict centers around one main issue: snack time. Apparently, some members of the team see their snack time as such a sacred time of the day that it just cannot be negotiated with. The Swedish members of the team, who need to have fika at least twice a day, have been complaining about the lack of cinnamon buns and coffee during the meetings that just so happen to be held when it's time for fika. The rest of the team, mostly consisting of other fellow Europeans, do not seem very bothered by this. When I reach the DT headquarters for an interview however, I am met by a scene of total chaos. Bowie, Ad0xa and Lily are standing on one side of the room, demanding their beloved fika to be served immediately. "See", says Bowie, pointing to a doodle that barely resembles a dress. "This is what happens when I don't get my fika." I nod, taking in the severity of the situation. At the other side of the room, Mikkelrev, Crown and Rowan are sitting defiantly, looking ready to get to work. I ask why they don't seem bothered by the situation. "They're always like this", says Crown. "Kicking up a fuss if they don't get their cinnamon buns. But we're here to work, not eat." "They try to provoke us by saying they won't work without fika", says Mikkelrev. "But in the end they always have to admit defeat. We're a majority here." Suddenly, a plate comes flying across the room, shattering into the whiteboard. "Enough!", shouts Dani, who has just entered the room. "I don't want to hear any more of your complaints. If I hear you ask for cinnamon buns one more time, you will be kicked off the team!" Silence falls in the room. Lily, Bowie and Ad0xa once again have to see themselves beaten by their colleagues. Just another usual day in the Designer Team, in other words.

Phew. I didn't know tea time could be that exciting. Oh, look at the mess I've made. There's tea everywhere. I think that's my cue to go and make myself another cup. I truly hope you've enjoyed this little moment with me. Until next time, take care, and I'll see you again soon! 

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Private wrote on 08-04 10:35:
Mordiera wrote:
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Zoeyrockstar wrote on 08-04 07:57:
Zoeyrockstar wrote:
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MissLondon wrote on 07-04 15:45:
MissLondon wrote:
Idk them so this was more like H2O, nice concept tho 
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Private wrote on 07-04 11:46:
Chlorine wrote:
This was a fun read : ) 
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Private wrote on 06-04 20:29:
Claire wrote:
Lol I love this. 
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Private wrote on 06-04 18:20:
Azriel wrote:
I want Tea Time weekly
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RATGORE wrote on 06-04 17:50:
RATGORE wrote:
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Private wrote on 06-04 17:48:
Rochellette wrote:
Is this a late Aprilfools?

Was really funny to read
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Godis wrote on 06-04 17:27:
Godis wrote:
Funny gossip
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Private wrote on 06-04 17:17:
Wenka wrote:
ngl for the first time in forever I read it from the very beginning to the end
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Antisocial wrote on 06-04 17:08:
Antisocial wrote:
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Private wrote on 06-04 16:54:
Shadowjess wrote:
Love you all, but I'm outta here.

*grabs watering can and shovel*
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Private wrote on 06-04 16:54:
Era wrote:
This is GOLD, i love it so much ahah 
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Private wrote on 06-04 15:55:
YSL wrote:
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Vissy wrote on 06-04 15:46:
Vissy wrote:
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Private wrote on 06-04 15:36:
BloomCissi wrote:
The tea is served!

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