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Daily news
NT Magazine: June (by Private)

This month we have chosen Mikkelrev for User of the Month, a well deserved nomination. We have asked a few people on VP to give some kinda words and tell everyone why they think she deserves this months UOTM!

ShadowJess: Honestly from when she first joined the team, shed been such a huge asset in helping out with last minute designs, male designs and in general she's a pleasure to talk to. My nomination for Mikkelrev is for the dedication that she's brought to VP and it's desiging and just thank you for all of your hard work! You deserve it girl.

Vuitton: s
he definitely doesn't give herself enough credit as a designer. she's designed a lot for males, and i think i can speak for all of us when i say that we're grateful for her. even though she's fast, her designs are always superb and they have their own unique style. it's always easy to pinpoint which designs belong to mikkel, and that's exactly why she also deserves to have her own page in the magazine < 3

We don't really talk that much but I can say that I’m really thankful for all the designs she made for the male community and we really appreciate her 

Vissy: Her contribution as a designer definitely makes her worthy of the title, especially since she makes so much for males.

Callum: Mikkelrev 100% deserves user of the month, she's hard working and nice to all! She creates many amazing designs for the males so that we don't have to starve and she's always being complimentary and encouraging to everyone in the Design Chat!

Intimate: she brings an unmatched amount of chaotic energy to vp and obviously her designs keep vp alive!!! 

Congrats to you girl, you deserve it!
If you know someone who should be nominated for user of the month, please message the NT account!

June has been a month filled with new sets and updates - and from bonus sets in mega credit week, to new manager sets and an extra pd auction - here is this month’s rundown! 

First, let’s talk about mega credit week! This month there were a total of fifteen obtainable sets, twelve female and three male, and the talented designers featured this month were Nora, Mikkelrev, Lily, Sosjet and Solovey. For the main sets, both €2 sets were matching Circus designs made by Nora, and we could also find matching sets for the €12 sets, designed by Lily. But be cautious, these may trigger the urge to go visit some sunflower fields! Other sets included a beautiful springtime female set and a bewinged boy designed by Mikkelrev, and a dragon beauty by Sosjet, to name a few. All female credit packages also contained bonus sets, which all were designed by Solovey, inspired by the characters from the animated series Trollz. 

Check out all June’s mega credit week sets here!

// €2 female by Nora, €6 male by Mikkelrev, €24 by Sosjet & €96 bonus by Solovey

This month there has been as many as three auction weekends! The first, which took place on 6 and 7 June, was the main monthly auction featuring both credit and popdollar sets for both genders as usual. The female credit set was a galactic beauty designed by Lily, while for males a cool casual look by Mikkelrev was obtainable for credits. The popdollar sets featured a dreamy pink bride designed by Lonika, and the spooky black and white set males had the opportunity to get their hands on was designed by River. 

// male credit auction set by Mikkelrev & female popdollar set by Lonika

In addition to the regular auctions, this month we also had two extra auction weekends, however, for both of these auction weekends only one set was obtainable for each gender. This time around, the sets were only auctioned off for popdollars, and due to there being two auction weekends, there were 48 opportunities to get your hands on the sets. The male set was designed by Perlivian, and the female by Solovey.

// extra auction weekend sets, female by Solovey & male by Pearlivian

On 15th June, both genders’ manager sets were updated with some fresh new looks. The female set is designed by Eve, while the male set is by nondesigner Freckle. So head over to the manager page to check them out after you have read this magazine if you haven’t seen them already!

In late May the Social Media team announced that they would soon be back from the hiatus, as well as public announce some of the changes that had been done during the hiatus. Some things they mentioned is that the second WWIB would be replaced by another dress-up competition and that they are currently trialling different dress-up competitions to find out which one will replace the second WWIB. They also announced that they will bring back weekly codes for females, increase the activity of the social media pages as well as announcing their new team designer, Shadowjess.

On June 1st the SMT was officially back and they began the month with their monthly raffle. This month there were some, very beautiful, matching sets by SixSixSix and Moss. You can find more information about their competitions on the “competition updates” page!
The ModSquad announced in late May that they were looking for some new moderators. On June 8th the applications closed and in the middle of June, the ModSquad announced who made it to the bootcamp. The bootcampers are: Octocat, Luminescence, Libertas, CheerGirl & YSL and we in the NewsTeam want to wish them all the best of luck both during the bootcamp and for those who will become a mod one day!

Last but not least for this page… We in the NewsTeam has something really interesting coming up really soon. We will soon host applications for some new creative and talented members for our small team. So do you have a writing interest or an interest in making layouts? Then keep an eye out because soon you will have your chance to apply to the NewsTeam and be a part of the team that provides the site with interesting articles, monthly designer appreciations and the monthly magazine!
The Social Media Team made their comeback with a classic competition, namely “Who wore it best?”. This time, users had to make an outfit with a tiger, designed by Eifos, that could be obtained through a code provided in the thread. The prizes, a top for males and a hair for females, were designed by Masilein and Crown. SMT received a lot of creative entries, which can be viewed here. To see the winners, you can reach the VP Facebook page by clicking here.

The second competition hosted by the Social Media Team this month was a Pride-themed competition named “Category is...”. To enter, users had to dress-up according to one of the following three themes: Drag Queen/Drag King, Pride Parade or Gay Icons. To see the colourful entries, click here. The winners, who were announced on Twitter, received 150 credits each.

The Event Team's first competition of the month was called “My name is Martian”. For this competition, users had to create an alien-inspired outfit. Those who wanted to were invited to create a “passport” for their entry, providing information about their aliens' home planet, superpowers and reason for being on Earth. The winners, which you can see here, received a green and purple alien-set designed by Crown. To see the other-wordly entries, click here.

The second competition hosted by ET invited users to get creative by designing a lid for an ice cream of their own invention. This “Summertime – Ice Cream”-competition received lots of aesthetic and flavourful entries, which can be viewed here. The winners, who are yet to be announced, will be picked according to three different categories: most aesthetic lid, most interesting flavour combo and most mouthwatering ice cream. Those who manage to wow the Event Team's panel of judges can look forward to seeing the prizes, matching male and female summer-themed sets designed by Freckle, in their wardrobes soon!

Congratulations to all the winners of this month's competitions!
June is recognised as the official Pride month, and that has been very clear on VP. The entire month has been filled with rainbows, and many users dressed up in their best Pride inspired outfits. YoutubeTeam has collected a lot of those looks in a Pride Lookbook that you can view here.

Throughout the month, ForumTeam has made multiple topics about Pride for both discussion and information. Their official Pride forum can be seen here, and if you missed it, you can look through a forum quiz that covers a bit about everything here.

The teams and designers have all worked hard to bring us a lot of new and fancy Pride items. Everything from rainbow crocs to pastel hearts. Thank you very much for those!

In NewsTeam we have celebrated as well, first with a big, informative article made by BloomCissi and Amren, and now with this Pride-themed magazine. We hope you have all had a great Pride month, despite many of the IRL activities being cancelled or severely dampened. It has been a treat to see all your amazing outfits, read your interesting blogs and in general experienced the positive atmosphere this month. Happy Pride!

2. What is the first name of the person who is known as the “Mother of Pride”?
In which country is the world’s largest local Pride parade, not counting WorldPride events, located?
The flag featured in this layout is known to represent what community?


1. What meaning did Gilbert Baker, the creator of the original pride flag from 1978, assign to the colour orange? 
5. In addition to red/orange and white, the lesbian flag features different shades of which colour?
3. Which month is known as Pride month?

To flip the pages, press the bottom corner of the page, or use the drop-down menu at the top.

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TogetherForever wrote on 02-07 23:07:
TogetherForever wrote:
Meep wrote:
petition for even more rainbows, i love this!
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Meep wrote on 02-07 11:29:
Meep wrote:
petition for even more rainbows, i love this!
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 01-07 12:07:
AlyaOnesse wrote:
Aaaah congrats Mikkel for being UOTM!! You deserve it! The sets are sooooo gorgeous! Good luck to bootcampers! Congratulations to all the winners of this month's competitions! And the layout is beautiful! Great job! 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 30-06 23:56:
Archangel wrote:
I am so hyped for the application round omg best news I have seen in a while 
Report | Quote | X
Nimmi wrote on 30-06 19:18:
Nimmi wrote:
forgot I sent my embroidery hahah 
Report | Quote | X
MasileinDE wrote on 30-06 17:49:
MasileinDE wrote:
I seriously clicked past this three times? Am I blind? Am I dumb? Probably both...

I don't think I ever said this before, but I am in love with recaps (probably because you can look back at stuff and be like "oh, we managed to get so much done" or just be like "glad we survived that shit...";). It's also great if you're not online for a few days and missed out on something important - news on VP feel a bit short-lived, you know? Like it happens and a day after all is done and "forgotten" and we all just go on with our lives.
Also, that butterfly charm/hanger/whatever it is: GOALS!

Thanks a lot, again, to all the people contributing to this magazine! ♥
Report | Quote | X
Krystle wrote on 30-06 17:48:
Krystle wrote:
Love all the rainbow layouts! Also fun crossword, thanks NT 💙
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 30-06 17:44:
Luminescence wrote:
Thanks NT! I loved that the magazine’s layout was pride-related ❤️
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 30-06 17:04:
Okami wrote:
Wonderful magazine, also love the layout in this 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 30-06 16:42:
YSL wrote:
i love this magazine! thanks nt <3
Report | Quote | X
SarKastic wrote on 30-06 16:36:
SarKastic wrote:
Happy Pride everyone. Sad it's almost oversad
Report | Quote | X
Callum wrote on 30-06 16:13:
Callum wrote:
exciting stuff! cant wait to apply in the next set of applications 👀
Report | Quote | X
Libertas wrote on 30-06 16:11:
Libertas wrote:
The gayest magazine of them all! 🏳️‍🌈
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 30-06 16:09:
Lamb wrote:
omg 😭 i did NOT expect that!! thank yall ur so sweet damn. will keep the chaos coming !!
Report | Quote | X
Atencia wrote on 30-06 16:05:
Atencia wrote:
June's magazine is out, hope you enjoy! 🌈

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