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NT Magazine: October (by Private)

The user of the month this month is Raquelle. Raquelle got nominated for being a kind and helpful person to the users on VP, something that we in NT definitely agreed on! Her kindness, helpfulness and humour have made her a truly fantastic human being according to the nomination. 

We thought that it would be nice to hear how Raquelle herself and how her friends would describe her, however, I might have told Raquelle that I wanted to interview her for another page to be able to keep this a secret. I hope you don’t hate me for that Raquelle heh.

Raquelle is a 19-year-old girl from Finland. She’s an engineering student who’s interested in art, metal music, movies and also fashion. When she’s online you can most likely find her chatting in the forums or in her wardrobe where she is dressing up her avatar. 

Diarrhea: Aino is such a sweet person, I’ve known her for years from GSM and hanged out with her irl and she’s always been so mature but at the same time very funny and I just love her. A great friend to have!!

Aphrodite: I have known Raquelle for a LONG time, originally we met in goSupermodel back in the day. It’s actually such a funny story because I used to be scared of her, but now we have reconnected in vp and I’ve found out how kind and loving she is. She is always down to help everyone and her taste of humour is immaculate. She is also super smart and she has helped me with math a lot lately which I appreciate more than anything. Whenever I see Raquelle in the forums she puts a smile to my face! She deserves the world and so much more <3

Luminescence: She is always ready to listen and help other people - whether it’s about relationship drama or just math homework. She puts extra effort to make people (especially her friends) feel good about themselves, and that’s something I admire her for. Bonus points for having a great sense of humour and an amazing style!

This month's auction was held on Saturday 3rd of October. The featured sets were made by two different designers: Bones, who made the pd sets, and Lily, who made the credit sets. The female pd design was a Pride-themed set filled with rainbows and hearts, while the male set featured a visibly unhappy clown. Sold for credits, we had matching female and male sets featuring orange leaves, mushrooms, scarves and beanies, enabling users to make the perfect autumn look.



This month's mega credit set week was held between 28th September and 4th of October. This edition of MCW featured lots of Halloween-themed sets, with bonus sets for both males and females. The twelve female sets were designed by Lamb, Wishbone, Teddy, Lily, Nora, and Solovey, and included everything from a cave woman and a vampire to a pink devil and a ghost bride. The eight male sets were designed by Freckle, Wishbone, Teddy, Lily, Askr and Lamb, and included a purple-clad orc and a blue wizard. To see all the sets, click


A lot has been happening on the team front this month, with no less than two bootcamps! In the beginning of the month, SMT announced their bootcamp after the application process closed last month. The bootcamp lasted two week and brought many exciting events. The new members have been announced as well. You can read more about the event, as well as the new members if you missed the announcement, in the other box. 

But, SMT was not the only team in the process of getting new members. halfway through the month, BT announced who of their applicants were going on to their bootcamp, which is happening now. They chose four writers: Godis, Nicola, Trixie and Octocat, and two layouters: Misjel and Bones. The bootcamp is still running, and we in NT are very excited to see what comes out of it and read the blogs they are making!

For the bootcamp, SMT had six hopeful page managers and four layouters split into two teams: Instagram and Facebook. They then had to try their hand at hosting events and all the other things SMT regularly does.

Both teams started by making introduction layouts which were posted on the media pages. During the two weeks of bootcamp, they also had to try their hand at posting the regular media updates SMT do, like DM, HoF/WoF and the weekly Sunday code. All of their posts can be found on SMT’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

For their event, the Facebook team hosted a Killer Game, where the goal was to find out who was killing the bootcamp and SMT members. To unlock clues, participants had to follow instructions that were posted on the Facebook game. When someone thought they knew who the murderer was, they had to send their guess to one of the bootcampers for a chance at winning some lovely prizes by Rye and Freckle. And it turned out, the murderer was no less than NT’s own Moss. Maybe we should choose our members a bit more carefully the next time…

The Instagram team hosted no less than three mini-events in their Spooky Festival event. It was only possible to win one of the events, as it was the same prize for all three: a female set by Solovey and a male one by Freckle. The first competition was a dressup, where you had to make an outfit inspired by nightmares. And those were some scary looks that were made! The second competition was a spot the difference, where the bootcampers ahde made some Halloween looks on Instagram with a number of differences, and it was up to the participants to find them all. The final event was a Halloween quiz, where VP’s knowledge on everything Halloween was put to the test. 

When the bootcamp was at an end, both teams made some farewell posts that can be found on the respective medias. However, Instagram had a teat as well in the form of a code hunt with a set designed by some of the bootcampers. 

After a tense wait, SMT could finally announce their new members. Diarrhea was chosen for Instagram, Atencia and Aphrodite for Facebook, and Bones and Misjel as layouters. Big congrats to you all from NT, and we are excited to see your work in the future!


Starting off with ET, the second round of the Norse Mythology inspired competition series Ascension to Asgard, where you need to fight for a spot in Odin’s Hall through different challenges, took place at the beginning of the month. This second round, Death and Deception, was based on the story of the Death of Balder, and your challenge was to dress up your avatar in an outfit inspired by the story. Click here to check out all the fantastic entries our brave friends created, as well as the prizes the winners of this second challenge received, designed by Askr and Mordiera. 

If you missed this challenge, fret not, because the third challenge which may earn you a spot in Valhalla and the gorgeous prizes designed by Mikkelrev, is already underway! For this third challenge, you have been asked to take a photo inspired by the Wedding of Thor, and if you succeed, you will earn yourself no less than the transportation that could potentially take you to Valhalla, a boat built by Allie. Check out this thread for all the information you need to know about the Journey to Jotunheim competition!

Journey to Jotunheim prize, designed by Allie

Let’s travel through time and, well, space, to some more recent events, because this month, ET arranged for an Area 51 invasion! This two-part competition featured both dressup and writing, giving you two chances to win the fantastic prizes designed by Bones. For the writing portion it was all about giving valid and creative reasons as to why you were invading Area 51 and what you were hoping to achieve, while the dressup focused on invading the area in style, as space fighters. You can check out all the outer-wordly entries for the dressup here, and the writing entries here

Area 51 prizes, designed by Bones

And lastly, it’s Halloween month, so of course, the teams have had both tricks and treats up their sleeves! The first treat we will look back on is ET’s Creature in Disguise competition. For this dressup, the task was to disguise a monster or supernatural creature as they were going about their everyday mortal lives in school, at business meetings or even on a date! Those who best managed to keep their disguise, were rewarded with a real treat designed by Bones.

Continuing with ET’s Halloween treats, we have another writing competition. Thrills & Chills was all about scary Halloween stories, and for this competition you were asked to write a chilling story based on one of three prompts. The winners of the female prize set designed by Rhinestone and 350 credits for males, have yet to be announced, so good luck to all who participated! And if you want some new stories to read this Halloween, check out this thread to read all the captivating entries!

Thrills & Chills, female prize, designed by Rhinestone

Would there be Halloween without some carved pumpkins? We don’t think so, and neither did ET, so for their last competition of the month, you were asked to do exactly that - carve some pumpkins! … or almost. For this competition, the task was to use the pumpkin template provided to draw your own creative take on the classic Jack-o-lantern. Everyone who participated will receive the participation reward sets, designed by nondesigners Teabag and Noemie, and in addition, the top entries will also receive the seasonal appropriate prizes designed by Okami and Pavlov. Click here to check out all the incredible entries, as well as the prizes! 

Another Halloween essential is, of course, children’s trick or treating, and FT made sure that we got a taste of that here on vp as well with their Spooky dress-up competition! The rules were simple; dress up as a child going trick or treating in order to have a chance to win the spooky prizes designed by Mjom and Allie. 

FT’s Spooky dress-up prizes, designed by Mjom and Allie

And continuing with the theme related to this time of year, death, the last competition from ET this month, DEAD to me, is based on funerals, but with a twist... For this competition you were asked to dress up to participate in your own funeral, using the unlimited coffin background code provided in the thread, designed by Delcinne. The top 10 female and 3 male entries will in addition win 250 credits each! There is still time to enter, so check out the competition here if you’re interested.


Congratulations to all winners this month, 

and good luck to those of you who are still waiting for results! 

And if you’re wondering why there is nothing from SMT on this page, that is because they were focusing on the application process and bootcamp this month, but don’t worry, their regular wwib and other competitions will return next month. For now, check out the team updates page to read all about the events SMT’s bootcampers hosted!


LE Sunday

This month's event saw the continuation of LE Sunday's on October 4th, where new sets for credits were added to the shop every 30 minutes, and stuck around until the next new set was added and we said bye bye to the previous rounds sets. This event lasted 4 hours, from 18 CEST until 22 CEST. This has been going on for a few months now, changing between LE Sundays and the Forum Auctions, with organization from ShadowJess for both. 

This event saw a total of 22 sets/single items for females and 12 sets/single items for males! The sets ranged from Solovey to Masilein and everything in between! You can see some of the beautiful sets from this event on the layout. Fun fact, if you had bought all the female sets, you would have spent 1141cr and 27pd. I for one look forward to what next months brings, whether it will be another LE Sunday, or maybe a forum auction this time. Or.... BOTH!?


This month we challenged some of VP’s fashion icons to create some Halloween themed looks. A big thank you to Arachne, Flamink, Gengar, Teabag, Crawk, Maxwell and Iriss  for participating.

The Challenge:

Create a look using your own wardrobe that fit the theme Halloween Fashion Edition/Halloween Avant-garde and answer these questions:

1.  Tell us a little bit about this look - What were you inspired by?

2.  Where do you usually start when making a look?

3. What’s your favourite part about dressing up on VP?


1. I've always had a love for monsters and ghouls. But not in the concept of them being evil. I like mixing the creepy with the fancy, and making "the ugly" into something beautiful.

2. I usually start with doing combos in the makeup, hats or jewelry category and go from there.

3.I love being able to express myself and being creative. That's what I love about the site overall, that everyone has such different styles and combinations.


1. I think this is something typical of me to create - 2 colors, chunky boots and lots of layers. I really like thinking of my looks as characters, and this particular outfit is the typical gothic vampire who basically feasts on everyone who's stupid enough to look at her lmao. I love layering see through clothes and I thought it fit the whole spooky vibe halloween gives since it really reminds me of vampires !!

2. I don't have a particular order of doing things, I usually just try out some different combos until something catches my attention and inspires me. Buut, I often start with makeup though since I love combining different eye-looks!

3. I love trying out new combos and layer things in fun new ways. It's fun to combine wildly different design styles in one outfit !! I love how different every designer is and all the things to  choose from, it's easy to end up with a 20 page wishlist tbh. Besides that I love seeing what others come up with and I have some users who inspire my outfits a lot.

1. My outfit it's inspired by Kayako from the new The Grudge movie remake 2020.

2. Usually when I start a new outfit I always start choosing the skin, I think that the skin is the main part of the outfit, especially if you are not covering it with any mask or a lot of makeup.

3. The best part of dressing up on VP is that everyone can be everything they want, even a pickle or a pudding, combining the right ornaments. Designers here are extremely talented and I'm really glad to be a part of this community

1. I was mainly inspired by some general shapes from avantgarde along with jack skellington's striped suit.

2. I always start with skin and makeup before anything else, unless I have a specific item I wanna use.

3. Being able to create and express the random stuff my brain comes up with that I can't do irl

1.  Fashion shows and my imagination! I think it works well with the theme and it's a unique piece. Usually my ideas for my outfits just appear suddenly from seemingly nowhere, ahah.

2. Usually I start with an item I want to use and then I go from there, what's also important is that the colours and combos match with each other. I love detailed looks but they should follow a line from a to b, to keep em away from just ending up in a big clutter.

3.  My favourite part must be to have my own style and find new stuff to combine with each other. The creative process is really fun in itself and I don't mind spending time on it. With that said, my expectations are quite high so it usually takes a few goes before I find the perfect fit.

1. I knew I wanted to make somewhat a classy vampire look and then remembered Lestat from Interview With A Vampire, so I got some inspiration from him

2. I usually start with the makeup and skin unless I have an item in mind that I wanna style

3. Just being able to experiment with a bunch of different styles really 

1. The theme ahahah. But also when the music I listen to at that moment. I also love glitter and sparkles so I try and use that almost all the time.

2. I start with the skin and makeup and then look at things that fit with the make up. But I always end up with a completely different look hahaha. Sometimes I start with the jewelry, but mostly with the make up.

3. Trying things and using things I could not really wear irl. And trying a makeup look is way easier this way hahaha.









Select a sudoku box on the left, then choose a number for it with the buttons below.
There are nine white highlighted boxes. Take the number of each box and insert it on the right. Please insert the numbers in order shown in the image on the left.
To flip the pages, press the bottom corner of the page, or use the drop-down menu at the top.

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Thank you NT, what a lovely set!!!!
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I love when you guys do sudoku & it's a really cute layout, but it's a little hard to distinguish the boxes when doing the puzzle with a light bg like that. :/
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Boo! Is that a new magazine I see? 👻

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