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Daily news
NT Magazine August (by NewsTeam )

We have once again reached the end of the month, which means it is now time for a fresh, new edition of the magazine. As we move into September, school and work have started again, and routines have had to be resumed. With summer mostly behind us, the days are getting both shorter and colder. Of course, that all sounds very depressing, which is why we hope the theme and colours of this magazine can brighten up your day. This month has been pretty eventful on VP, with plenty of competitions hosted, the announcement of new mods, and the voting for a new logo in full swing. On that note, we would like to remind you once again that our applications are still open. So if you have ever contemplated joining us, do not hesitate to apply! I promise we do not bite! You can find all the information you need
here. Until next time, have a nice September!

August Auction

The August auction took place on August 6th. There was sadly no male sets to be auctioned off this month. The female set was a cute purple one sold for PD, designed by the Dutch Areximache, while the female CR set was a white and green flowery thing designed by the German MissSuicideSheep. You can see them both below.

/Pd set by Areximache_NL and CR set by MissSuicideSheep_DE

Mega Credit Week

Mega Credit Week saw a lot of new sets introduced. The female €2 set was a fluffy brown outfit made by Talent, the €6 a sporty set by Allie with a very cute dog included. The €12 was a pegasus /centaur hybrid by Solovey and the €24 another of Allies creations, this time a hip purple set. The €48 was a  pink and blue set by Ouch and the €96 was a fantasy-esque set by Solovey.

The male €2 was a K-pop-inspired set by Kino and the €6 a green set by Allie.

All female buyers received some bonus items made by Solovey that, put together, formed complete sets. 

You can find all this month’s sets here.

VP Logo Competition

On the 22nd, the second round of the VP logo competition was announced. Everyone can vote for their favourite logos using the following link: No deadline for the voting was set. We in NT are very curious to see what the website’s new logo ends up looking like, and best of luck to all those who entered a logo for the contest!

The ModSquad hosted applications and a two weeks long Bootcamp during the summer and now our new moderators have finally been chosen. Out of four bootcampers, the moderators had to narrow it down to two new moderators. The new moderators were announced on August 25th and the new moderators are Atencia and Kofod. We wish our fellow teammates the best of luck in their role as moderators! 

You can find the forum with the announcement here.

Event Team

This month, the Event Team hosted 5 competitions, although the first of these was published at the end of July.  The first competition was called “Smooth Like…” and the contestants were asked to dress up as their favourite K-pop artist. You can find the details and the prize sets in this forum. 

Event Team hosted two Coachella-themed competitions in August. In the first of these, the users were tasked with designing their own poster advertising their favourite band/group or performer. This competition is found here. The second Coachella-competition was a dress up competition in which the contestants had to dress up in a festival outfit, this competition and the prizes are found here.

In addition to the Coachella-competitions, there was an edition of “Guess that” and this time the theme was animals. The users were asked to quote the post containing one of the total 30 questions with the correct answer and the first person to answer correctly won the question, further details and the prizes can be found here.

Finally, the fifth ET competition was “(Wayyy) Back To School!” in which the users were asked to dress up as a first grader attending their very first day of school. Prizes and further details are found here

Social Media Team 

As always, the Social Media Team hosted the monthly “Who Wore It Best”-competition. This time, the users were asked to create outfits using the two selected vests, one for users with female avatars and one for users with male avatars. Curious to see which vests they had to use and what prize they could win? Check it out here!

In addition to WWIB, SMT hosted “Design Your Own Uniform”. The task was to use the template of a shirt provided by SMT to create a school uniform. The details and prizes are found in this forum.
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Atencia wrote on 01-09 19:23:
Atencia wrote:
Kofod wrote:
I'm still in love with the covers, byee
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Private wrote on 01-09 19:22:
Savage wrote:
Libertas wrote:
There are so many mods in this comment section so I thought I should write a comment too 
I want to join too. 
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Private wrote on 01-09 19:19:
Libertas wrote:
There are so many mods in this comment section so I thought I should write a comment too 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 01-09 19:03:
Kofod wrote:
I'm still in love with the covers, byee
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Atencia wrote on 31-08 20:55:
Atencia wrote:
Rottomilko wrote:
pretty mag!!
would have loved a propaganda theme tho
with so many mods, how can we trust the news?
you can't
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Private wrote on 31-08 20:51:
Rottomilko wrote:
pretty mag!!
would have loved a propaganda theme tho
with so many mods, how can we trust the news?
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Private wrote on 31-08 20:49:
Clavicle wrote:
The colours are gorgeous! 
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Atencia wrote on 31-08 20:38:
Atencia wrote:

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