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Daily news
NT Magazine: September (by NewsTeam )

Another month has passed, which means it is once again time for a fresh edition of the magazine. As we approach October, days are getting darker, and the weather is becoming increasingly colder. For many, autumn is the best season of the year, because of the crisp air, colourful leaves and opportunity to curl up with a cup of hot liquid of your choice to beat the chilly weather. For others, the spookiness of Halloween, which we will of course be covering in the next magazine, is the highlight of the year, and perhaps what makes autumn bearable in its inevitable gloominess... Here on VP, the teams are busy scouting for new members, who can hopefully breathe some well-needed life into the site. On that note, we would once again like to remind you that our applications are still open. You can find all the information you need in this freshly made article. Until next time, have a nice October!

VP Logo Competition Winner(s)

Virtual Popstar announced that the winner of the logo competition was Aeipathy of the EN server. The top 5 in the competition also included three other VP users, Lightstone (DE), MissLisjex (NL) and Nina (EN). Aeipathy won 100 and €96 in an upcoming MCW. The other VP users that finished in the top 5 will receive €48, €24, or €12 in an upcoming MCW as a prize. 

New Admin

The Admin of the EN server has changed for the second time this year; the two admins, YSL and CheerGirl, the server got in January following Shadowjess stepping down both quit at the end of August. Shadowjess returned to the role as server administrator from September 1st. 

Mega Credit Week 

This iteration of MCW had three sets for the males and eight sets for the females. Starting with the three male sets, to receive all three you had to spend €12 in total. The €2 set was black outfit designed by Aske. The €6 set was designed by Fantasy and true to the name of the designer, it had fantasy vibes. The €12 set was a design where the colours white and pink could shine, the designer Talent. 

The €2 Lonika set had Wild West-vibes, the next set on the price ladder, at €6, was designed by Fantasy, and is the same as the male set at €6. Lonika also designed the €12 set, and the set feels like summer. The €24 is the female version of the €12 male set. Ouch designed the pink cowboy in the €48-tier, while Solovey created a design which featured different patterns and colours. Finally, the sets you received if you spent €96 were designed by Allie and Solovey. The Solovey set had dark fairy vibes, while the Allie set featured flowers and bright pink elements. 

You can see all the sets here

September Auction 

The auction in September was held one week later than what is commonplace. There were no male sets this time. Both female sets were made by designers from the EN server. The PD set was made by whydoiexist, and it was a cute, blue creation with fairy vibes. Klavier is the designer of the CR set, and the adorable set had anime and steampunk vibes. 

PD set by whydoiexist, CR set by Klavier

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We want to hear what you have gotten on your heart!

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Here you get to express yourself creatively, and make beautiful layouts for articles and magazines.
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Rottomilko wrote:
I love the mag!! so pretty!
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Pastelgreen wrote on 30-09 21:44:
Pastelgreen wrote:
awesome!!! and love the puzzle
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Ausma wrote on 30-09 20:36:
Ausma wrote:
Thank You for the nice magazine! I love it 
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Atencia wrote on 30-09 19:06:
Atencia wrote:
a new magazine is here! 🍁

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