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Album: garden of secrets 018-01-2022 16:29
guestbook016-01-2022 00:39
been good to me215-01-2022 04:21
Hi am Neni312-01-2022 02:35

 ReportHi am Neni
( all of the information is an RP meaning roleplay meaning fictional)

HI am Neni am an aspiring popstar but am a street musician can you help me change that? 
I was born in Canada in 2007 and am 17 my real name is jenny neninfeir salom I can play 5 instruments and I love to draw my goal is to become a popstar in 10 days. 

all about me 

fav color light blue light pink and white

fav food pizza and noodle soup and my rice and chicken  made by my mom 

and if I get to popstar level in 10 days ill be going 1,000s pop dollars  to a  lucky follower 

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Neni wrote on 15-01 03:48:
Neni wrote:
Disposable wrote:
5 instruments! Impressive!! which one?
the drums banjo piano guitar and vocals ( in rl i can play the drums and piano )
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Private wrote on 12-01 18:25:
Disposable wrote:
5 instruments! Impressive!! which one?
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Neni wrote on 12-01 02:36:
Neni wrote:
oh my favorite movie is mary Poppins