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Child of the two most notorious and powerful elves in all of history, Althea was said to possess powers far beyond anything you could imagine. You'd imagine she would be treasured by her parents, the king and queen of her future kingdom, as well as the kingdom itself. But Althea's early childhood was far from what a gifted child of her stature would expect, at the age of 10 she had not yet shown her powers. This had led her parents to see her as nothing but an outcast, an unworthy child of no use.Shortly after Althea's 11th birthday she was kidnapped and held captive until the day she turned 21. On her 21st birthday, she grew into her immense powers and was able to escape from her torturous captors. She escaped safely to an abandoned castle, leaving lifeless bodies and her heart behind her.
That is when she decided to embark on a journey to find her family, the same family that had abandoned her and allowed her to be kidnapped and tortured for 10 years.
World famous

The kingdom of Nemore is full of destruction, suffering and darkness because of a cursed king. According to an ancient prophecy, the bearer of light is the only one who can prevent the kingdom from going down the path of eternal darkness. Rosaniya Erralei is an elf who can control light since birth. Because of her abilities, Rosaniya has been hidden in another city away from Nemore's kingdom. As her powers grow stronger over the years, Rosaniya can defeat the darkness that has followed her throughout her life and fulfill the ancient prophecy.


Only few hours left!

Only 1hr to go!!

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