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NT: User Appreciation nomination
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Formerly known as User of the Month
We here in the NewsTeam want to get in contact with people who are making VP a better place in one way or another, and write a little feature about them for our future magazines. Each month we will pick one member of VP who has done something extra for the server, it can be anything from hosting events to being extra kind and generous!

However, we want you all to be involved and therefore we would like to let you all nominate a person/multiple people you find fitting. All you have to do to nominate someone is to send a message to @NewsTeam with the title "User Appreciation" and then you write the username of who you would like to nominate and why you think they are suitable to be the user of the month. 

Note that this is very open, and you can nominate people for almost anything as long as it is putting them and what they are doing in a positive light.

Read more about "User Appreciation" here

If you have any questions then feel free to ask them in the thread or contact an NT member!
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Remember to send us your nominations if you guys have any suitable in mind! <3
Account deleted

sounds lovely! i hope whoever gets to be the user of the month feels the appreciation!
Account deleted

nice initiative 
Minister of Pop

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whoever gets it really deserves it, theres tons of nice people on this site<3 

International star

I got three people in mind... 
World famous

Looking forward to read about it and might send in a nomination or two lol
World famous

It's a very great and lovely idea  
Minister of Pop

World famous

Minister of Pop

aw that's super cute
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I mean I know I’m quitting but I gave u guys some great ideas which ur using (I’m glad u do) so I deserve it PLUS I’m giving everything I have away for free to everyone. Including more then 3000 cress, over 200k pd and my items. I’m too lazy for it but I’ll get to it xD
Account deleted

@Vuitton I am gonna send you in if I remember this later
Account deleted

Vuitton wrote:
Cedence wrote:
@Vuitton I am gonna send you in if I remember this later
omg, i barely deserve it though.
oh maybe I'll just send in our whole party that was pretty great 
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