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Daily news
Announcement from NT (by NewsTeam )

Hello everyone, and hope you have had a wonderful Easter!

We are posting this article because we have a few important announcements to make. First of all, we have made the executive decision that NT will not be posting any regular articles for the month of April. This is because we feel it is time we take a step back to evaluate our work and try to shape the future of the team. The magazine will still be posted at the end of the month as usual. 

If you have any suggestions or wishes to content you would like to see from us - this can be article topics, ideas to series, whether you want more vp related content, history or up to date real news - now is the time to speak up. Please let us know either by commenting on this article or sending a message to the NewsTeam account. 

On another exciting note, we will be hosting applications during April. We will come back to you with the exact dates this will take place, but it is soon, so keep an eye out! But just to give you a little taste of what to expect, this time we will provide themes to choose from both when it comes to the texts and layouts we want you to submit for the application. This is because we will not be hosting any bootcamp, and we would like to know if you can provide the content needed within a time frame that is realistic for the work you will be doing if you are accepted into the team. 

We hope you are as excited for this as we are! See you soon ♡

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Escobar wrote on 09-04 10:36:
Escobar wrote:
do some serial killer stuff


or like unsolved cases
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Misjel wrote on 05-04 11:15:
Misjel wrote:
Exciting! I'd personally love to see more vp related content like Bancakes Broadcast (hahah, had a fun read), interviews with users? Casual happenings? But I also appreciate the up to date real news, thanks NT :3
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Ausma wrote on 05-04 09:57:
Ausma wrote:
Good luck with new ideas  I like Your job. As by me, there`s no need to change anything, I like the articles as they are
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Crawk wrote on 04-04 22:52:
Crawk wrote:
mayb i should give the application a new chance,, hmm, hmmm!
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Your1Freind wrote on 04-04 22:50:
Your1Freind wrote:
wow all i gota say 
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Libertas wrote on 04-04 21:35:
Libertas wrote:
Looking forward to be back in May and to work with some new people soon! Great ideas so far btw!
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Private wrote on 04-04 21:16:
Angelica wrote:
I think something like an article every month about an event that has happened somewhere would be interesting. Anything from a traditon that is happening that month, maybe something bad happened somewhere that month or similar. 

Like things u wouldn't come across normally, i would find that interesting personally for sure! 
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SweetLapis wrote on 04-04 21:08:
SweetLapis wrote:
This layout is so perfect though. <3
As for or even history sound like interesting topics for an article.
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Private wrote on 04-04 21:04:
Amakia wrote:
Such a nice lay out 10/10
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TheWayfaringStranger wrote on 04-04 21:03:
TheWayfaringStranger wrote:
Beautifully done. Thank you!
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Callum wrote on 04-04 21:03:
Callum wrote:
epiccccccccc just let me on if i apply this time damn 
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Private wrote on 04-04 21:00:
Atencia wrote:

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