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Daily news
NTMM: July 2022 (by NewsTeam )

Another month has come and gone, and tomorrow we already start the 8th month of 2022. Time has truly flown and we only have one month left of summer, and for many, even less than that before vacation is over. However, we hopefully still have a lot of good weather to look forward to in the nearest future. During July, we in NT gained another team member, so give a warm welcome to Klasifikovany who has joined NT as a writer! We are very much looking forward to Klasifikovany’s work. If you want to join NT too, either as a writer or a layouter, we want to remind everyone that our applications are still open. If you are interested in applying, you can find all the information you need in this article.
Held on the 16th of July, this month's auction was later than usual. Unfortunately there was not anything for males this time round. For females, there was both a set for pd and one for credits. For pd, you could get a fantasy-themed set designed by Areximache. For credits, you could lay your hands on a number of differently-coloured big gowns, designed by Rye.

MCW This month's mega credit set week ran from the 4th to the 10th of July, and featured twelve sets for females. As you can tell, this means there were bonus sets, which were all designed by Allie. All the bonus sets were modern versions of Disney princesses, including Ariel, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Mulan, Merida, and Tiana. The rest of the sets, which featured everything from colourful skirts and pastel sweaters to a silver sword and a red/white fishtail, were designed by Rye, Klavier, Bones, Solovey, and Allie. For males, there was a single set, designed by Rottomilko. According to the poll conducted in the official thread, Klavier's 6€ set was the favourite this month, closely followed by Bones' 12€ set. To see all the sets, click here.

VP logo contest
As you probably know by now, VP's “new” owner, Etjen, has set out to transform VP into a bustling, hip site that can actually bring in revenue for him. To do this, VP apparently needs to change its brand. What better way of doing this than asking the community to design a new logo for free? Originally posted as a thread, the instructions have since been moved to a blog post, which not only gives you the rules of the contest, but also features an 8-minute read that will teach you how to make the perfect logo. If you by any chance are interested in the slim possibility of winning 100€ in cash (plus all the sets from the MCW following the announcement of the winner) for your efforts, you can check out the blog post here. The deadline is today, 31st of July. 

Moderator Bootcamp Members Announced 

For the first time in two years, the ModeratorTeam announced a new round of applications to join the team. On the 13th of July the team announced that Atencia, Cherry, Kofod and Melody would partake in the Moderator Bootcamp of 2022. By the end of the Bootcamp period we will know how many moderators will ultimately be joining the team this time around. The NewsTeam wishes the Moderator Bootcamp Members good luck; may all of your efforts yield a positive outcome! You can find the bootcamp announcement here.



The Social Media Team hosted their monthly competition “Who Wore It Best” from July 9th to July 11th. The female contestants had to create an outfit with an item created by Masilein and the male contestants had to create an outfit with an item by Rowan. The winners got a hair designed by Ouch. You can find all the items in this forum. 



The Event Team hosted three competitions this month. The first one was the “Stuffies & Plushies” competition where the users had to create an outfit based on the theme “slumber party” and the outfit had to include at least one stuffed animal. The prizes were designed by Whydoiexist. You can find the competition here.

The second competition hosted by ET this month is the first competition of ET’s travel event. This time we are visiting Seoul in South Korea and the competition is therefore called “Seoul Night Market”, the users have to create an outfit inspired by the night market. The deadline is today so we wish everyone who entered good luck! You can find the forum about the competition here.

The third competition hosted by the EventTeam this month is a pair-dress-up competition with the theme “mystical creature” which you had to name. The prizes for both female and male users are made by Arix. The deadline is August 7th so there are a couple of days left to enter if you are interested. You can find the competition in this forum. 


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Private wrote on 01-08 19:08:
Evey wrote:
lovely layout this month!
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Pastelgreen wrote on 31-07 21:28:
Pastelgreen wrote:
Maxwell wrote:
sudoku!!!!!! sudoku!! 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 31-07 21:20:
Limited wrote:
i love a good challenge and this is the first time when i was stuck haha
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Private wrote on 31-07 21:19:
Maxwell wrote:
sudoku!!!!!! sudoku!! 
Report | Quote | X
Aria wrote on 31-07 20:40:
Aria wrote:
Looks great and I love a sudoku challenge!
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 31-07 20:28:
0rl wrote:
I like much it :-)
Report | Quote | X
Noir wrote on 31-07 20:15:
Noir wrote:
Yass sudoku. Nice layout!! 

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