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big fool i am
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i was filing my toe nails earlier today and naturally that means grabbing a hold of the toe to keep it in place, those bendy little fuckers

guess who jammed the tip of the metal file under their thumbnail with serious force

i still bleeds almost 10 hours later when i bump the nail, every time my thumb touches something it aches liek hell

i just hope i dont get an infection bc i literally cannot get under there to clean??? i dont have access to that skin, its under my goddamn nail

like fuck

i did that AND tore up my heel again today like jesus both injuries a direct result of trying to physically take care of myself
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this hurts to think about
World famous

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omg hope you saw someone
International star

okay its stopped bleeding now but it does look kinda gross so i think im gonna buy nailpolish
International star

thats why I don't file my nails
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De fleste ulykker skjer i hjemmer I guess.
But ouch I hope u don't loose the nail.
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