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Back to the Past: 1950's (by Baileyyrosee )

Hello everyone! As you know, Back to the Past visits previous decades by exploring a films, series or the overall fashion that was represented in that decade. The theme for this event will be Grease - a classic movie that highlights friendship, romances and adventures of high school students.

Interested in winning these prizes designed by Freckle and Nama?
 to see the competition thread.


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SeptemberBlues wrote on 23-05 04:53:
SeptemberBlues wrote:
man i want the guy's outfit for female avatar sad
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December wrote on 22-05 21:03:
December wrote:
TamaraSensuela wrote:
Grease is from 1970s in my opinion.
yeah but the movie takes place in the 1950s :)
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TamaraSensuela wrote on 22-05 14:08:
TamaraSensuela wrote:
Grease is from 1970s in my opinion.
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Anastxsia wrote on 22-05 10:21:
Anastxsia wrote:
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Pixel wrote on 13-05 17:27:
Pixel wrote:
This is super cool! Loving the sets 
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September wrote on 13-05 13:32:
September wrote:
Give the designers some appreciation for making the prizes...
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Private wrote on 13-05 04:20:
Felicity wrote:
who designed the female set? its super cute
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Gucci wrote on 12-05 21:02:
Gucci wrote:
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Private wrote on 12-05 20:43:
Capaldi wrote:
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Private wrote on 12-05 20:03:
Emiliaaaaaaa wrote:
soooooooooo cute!
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Pistol wrote on 12-05 19:54:
Pistol wrote:

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