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lol I design for fun, why do you think my designs are so weird.
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Kieren lol I design for fun, why do you think my designs are so weird. 19-10-2018 23:40 Report
Bowie i really hope shes doing alright 19-10-2018 23:21 Report
Private me three. 19-10-2018 22:11 Report
Claire me too, bowie. i was thinking about her just yesterday 19-10-2018 21:33 Report
Bowie @waffle… 19-10-2018 21:31 Report
Seokjin D: 19-10-2018 21:17 Report
Bowie well u cant buy dm after its come out anyway :-p 19-10-2018 21:12 Report
Seokjin I want that pumpkin but Im not sure if I wanna spend so many cr on dm 19-10-2018 21:02 Report
September it is weird to me as a nobody who designs for fun that ppl actually like it ._. 19-10-2018 20:57 Report
Seokjin my wl* 19-10-2018 20:46 Report
Bowie how weird 19-10-2018 20:23 Report
September OMG WTH. My pumpkins were dm today too. Jeez xD 19-10-2018 20:01 Report
AkumaNoNamida I LOVE SPACE SKINS! Thank u September! Love u!!! 19-10-2018 19:52 Report
AkumaNoNamida Its not Ad0xas mermaid set? Its Septembers? Or do I have wrong again? 19-10-2018 19:29 Report
Seokjin refreshed my page after1h of sorting my bycolour and now its mixed up killmehufd 19-10-2018 19:03 Report