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Cassiopeiia ( ´-ω・)︻┻┳══━一 22-04-2019 01:07 Report
Private what in tarnation?? I thought we wus cowbuddies *tearfilled eyes* 22-04-2019 00:52 Report
Delewie Seems like some chickens escaped, hurry over to BT to help find them! 22-04-2019 00:44 Report
Private absolutely not 22-04-2019 00:42 Report
Helmii are yall ok 22-04-2019 00:42 Report
Private *spits out straw strand as blood spews everywhere* 22-04-2019 00:27 Report
Ad0xa *dies* ..... *cough* ...Bu... But.... I was..... Your father! 22-04-2019 00:20 Report
Private *grabs gun before u can even say howdy n shoots everyone* yeeyee! 22-04-2019 00:09 Report
Ad0xa *cowboy with black hat enters* 21-04-2019 23:54 Report
Private howdy cowboy...u kno I got the horses in the back 😉 21-04-2019 23:54 Report
Private *blushes* howdy maam... o.o 21-04-2019 23:51 Report
Private howdy cowboy 21-04-2019 23:32 Report
Private Wanna be the yee to my haw? Write howdy cowboy 21-04-2019 23:29 Report
Apterygidae You can still claim the codes from the YT Easter Hunt 🐰 21-04-2019 22:23 Report
Holic yuh 21-04-2019 22:03 Report