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MOTM - October/November (by Baileyyrosee )

Kindness: Nekuma

Reason: Nekuma has multiple times been seen in the threads where she has been a very kind soul and always seemed to have kind words to say to the other members. She has also been helping new members with things they stuck with and therefore did we think she would be awarded!

Helpfulness: Fiskarna

Reason: Probably known as the queen of layouts and coding but except that so is this user a wonderful and helpful person who always is there for whoever needs help! You can ask her about almost everything and she will do her best to help you, that’s the spirit!

Respectfulness: Godis

Reason: This user can usually be seen in the threads where she is constantly spreading happiness around her and respect others opinions, even if she might disagree with a few of them. You can see her give compliments to others drawings, designs, outfits and so on. Therefore did we find Godis perfect for this role!

Generosity: Dani

Reason: Dani is constantly extremely generous, very often offering help to others so they can get the things they are after. During the competition did he help people out by letting them battle him to be able to level up faster.

Activity: Kieren

Reason: Kieren might be known for her outstanding designs or, as most of us probably have noticed her, in threads. This user is very active in the threads and you can find her in the design thread, in chat threads and of course in competitions! It would be impossible to not notice her!

Kindness: Random

Reason: This user is a delight at all times, and is ever so sweet to everyone they come into contact with. Random will always meet you with kindness and open arms, therefore, is this person perfect for the kindness category!

Helpfulness: Somsoc

Reason: If ever you need help, Somsoc is definitely your go to, especially if you need design help! She/they are always there to help you and you can often see her/them in the design thread where she/they help others with improving their designs.

Respectfulness: Misdreavus

Reason: This user has been spotted multiple times being very respectful towards others on the forums. Misdreavus is filled with respect and love and try to spread happiness around to make other users have a good day.

Generosity: Warfstache

Reason: Warfstache has proved that she is perfect for the generosity category with her very kind and generous gesture she has done. She has multiple times been donating high amounts of her own money to other users so they can buy limited items from the shop.

Activity: Thyme

Reason: Thyme can be seen all around the forum’s being active each and every day. You might also see her joining most of the competitions, creating wonderful designs and also make outstanding drawings!

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Private wrote on 19-01 00:12:
Report | Quote | X
Kauanny wrote on 12-01 15:05:
Kauanny wrote:

oi galera
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Wren2012 wrote on 05-01 22:57:
Wren2012 wrote:
Congratulations everyone! Very very well deserved, every single one. 
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Private wrote on 05-01 18:58:
Encrede wrote:
hell yea fiskarna the true motm,y,d,m
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Boi wrote on 05-01 18:55:
Boi wrote:
When it is next one? 
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Godis wrote on 21-12 08:01:
Godis wrote:
Thanks all!
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Echoes wrote on 21-12 07:44:
Echoes wrote:
I just came to congratulate and saw my own avatar?????


Thank you so much!!!!!!
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Pathetic wrote on 21-12 07:14:
Pathetic wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Bowie wrote on 21-12 07:06:
Bowie wrote:
hhhhhh but rly congrats u guys !!
Report | Quote | X
Bowie wrote on 21-12 07:05:
Bowie wrote:
so no rowan? 
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Misdreavus wrote on 21-12 01:07:
Misdreavus wrote:
Josten wrote:
id die for fiskarna, somsoc, warfstache and misdreavus, ily guys <3 
Ahhhh! You are the sweetest! Thank you!❤️❤️❤️
Report | Quote | X
Misdreavus wrote on 21-12 01:06:
Misdreavus wrote:
Ahhhhh. This was so unexpected! Never thought I’d be MOTM.
Thank you so much and congrats everyone! 😱😘❤️❤️
Report | Quote | X
Thyme wrote on 21-12 00:59:
Thyme wrote:
fhjkhdjk WHAT??? thank yall so much ; __ ; this is... a shock lmao
man, congrats to everyone else as well!
Report | Quote | X
TheWayfaringStranger wrote on 21-12 00:42:
TheWayfaringStranger wrote:
Congrats to all! 
Report | Quote | X
Somsoc wrote on 21-12 00:30:
Somsoc wrote:
Huh what wait why what how what 
Report | Quote | X
Claire wrote on 20-12 23:30:
Claire wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 20-12 23:29:
Hungry wrote:
Congrats everyone ♥ 
Report | Quote | X
Godis wrote on 20-12 22:39:
Godis wrote:
Thank you everyone who voted for me! That means a lot to me! I am very happy about it! I will always spread joy and help everyone. I like everyone to feel good and be happy with joy so you can help. I also like helping people. But I will continue to spread joy for all of you nice people.  
Report | Quote | X
Random wrote on 20-12 22:23:
Random wrote:
Wait what?  I AM ON THAT LIST?! 
Wow..what..when..why. o.o

Thank you so much to all of the people who thought of me. ♥
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 20-12 22:21:
Nekuma wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Wisteria wrote on 20-12 22:20:
Wisteria wrote:
@Fiskarna  damn GURl u deserve tht shit so much ur the most helpful soul on The Planet .

congrats everyone else but esp the Fisk Queen
Report | Quote | X
Glamobabe wrote on 20-12 22:18:
Glamobabe wrote:
Good choices
Report | Quote | X
Godis wrote on 20-12 22:16:
Godis wrote:
Libertas wrote:
Congrats everybody <3
Report | Quote | X
Josten wrote on 20-12 22:12:
Josten wrote:
id die for fiskarna, somsoc, warfstache and misdreavus, ily guys <3 
Report | Quote | X
Fiskarna wrote on 20-12 22:11:
Fiskarna wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Libertas wrote on 20-12 22:07:
Libertas wrote:
Congrats everybody <3
Report | Quote | X
Godis wrote on 20-12 22:07:
Godis wrote:
Starbomb wrote:
Congrats guys! 
Thank you!
Report | Quote | X
Godis wrote on 20-12 22:07:
Godis wrote:
Congratulations to you others
Report | Quote | X
Starbomb wrote on 20-12 22:06:
Starbomb wrote:
Congrats guys! 
Report | Quote | X
Godis wrote on 20-12 22:06:
Godis wrote:
Omg, thank you so much!
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 20-12 22:05:
Myrcella wrote:
<3<3<3<3 @Somsoc 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 20-12 22:04:
Myrcella wrote:
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fiskarna fandom comin thru !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Fiskarna 
Report | Quote | X
Fiskarna wrote on 20-12 22:04:
Fiskarna wrote:
gasp me ??? 
i'd like to thank my cat and my mom for being great.
also everyone on vp except kaj
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Waffle wrote on 20-12 22:01:
Waffle wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Hailee wrote on 20-12 22:00:
Hailee wrote:
Hey guys! Sorry about the insane delay from this, both months will be getting the same set shortly !!

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