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News Team Applications 2018 (by Punch )

Hey everyone! It's that time again - the News Team is holding applications!
Are you passionate about writing or do you have a talent for making layouts? Don't hesitate to apply!

Fill out the application below and send it to the NewsTeam account. You have until Monday, November 19, 23:59 GMT to send your applications in.

If you have any further questions or anything that you need to be clarified you can shoot a message to any of the News Team members.


Will you have time to honestly dedicate to this team and work to a schedule?
How much time do you spend on VP?
Are you applying to be a layouter or a writer?
Anything else you would like to add?

If you are applying to be a layouter, please submit two layouts made by you.

If you are applying to be a writer, please submit two of your written text with a minimum of 400 words.

Send your applications to the NewsTeam account.

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NewsTeam wrote on 11-11 07:42:
NewsTeam wrote:
We've gotten some great applications so far. Keep them coming! Good luck to everyone who decides to apply c:
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Private wrote on 07-11 16:23:
Quinzelle wrote:
Wish I could apply again but I just don't have the time anymore sad
Good luck to everyone who does and to those unsure, there's no harm in applying <3
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Drunkjesus wrote on 07-11 13:49:
Drunkjesus wrote:
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Private wrote on 07-11 10:41:
Devilcake wrote:
Oh man, I was just wondering whether yall would be holding applications soon the other day. How exciting :o!
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Private wrote on 06-11 22:55:
Ravenclarke wrote:
Donkeyboy wrote:
I want to apply but I'm not sure I can commit to having that responsibility of writing put on me, haha ):
It's exciting though!
sameeee, I love writing but the pressure killed me when I was on it, doing layouts might be fun though, maybe i'll apply
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Godis wrote on 06-11 21:59:
Godis wrote:
Yes, I will send an application.
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Donkeyboy wrote on 06-11 21:54:
Donkeyboy wrote:
I want to apply but I'm not sure I can commit to having that responsibility of writing put on me, haha ):
It's exciting though!
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Nephilim wrote on 06-11 21:43:
Nephilim wrote:
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Libertas wrote on 06-11 21:37:
Libertas wrote:

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