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Daily news
NT Monthly Magazine: February (by Krystle )

There haven't been that many major updates from the teams this month. However, something has happened.

The beginning of February saw a BT bootcamp, running from the end of January and a week forth. The aspiring bloggers and layouters were put together in teams of two to create a blog on a topic of their choice. These blogs were published on the BloggerTeam account and you should definitely make sure to check them out here if you haven't done so already!

The new members, 4 writers and 3 layouters, were announced on the 22nd of February. NT wishes you all congratulations and good luck on the team. We are all very excited to see your future blogs!

We have some exciting news from SMT!

You might have noticed how SMT didn't host the comps and events in December and January that they usually do? That was due to some restructuring and planning within the team. Most of you probably remember their monthly writing comp, sometimes done as a collab with other teams, sometimes alone. However, due to a lack of entries that comp has sadly been scrapped. Normally each media page hosts one event or competition each month, and that is still the plan. A lot of you have asked for more WWIB’s, so there will now be two of those each month, hosted by two different media pages. The monthly raffle will remain unchanged. Once a month there will also be an event of varying type, so keep your eyes open for puzzles, quizzes, game nights and much more!
ET’s final competition of the month came right after Valentines and was a dress-up competition inspired by Sweethearts. You were supposed to create an outfit based on the phrases crazy 4 u, wink wink, be mine or ooh la la. The lovely prizes are sets made my Fitz and Emissaryofwind, so if you participated, keep a lookout for the winners’ announcement to see if you are one of the lucky ones to receive one of these sets.

Later in the month, ET was back with another writing competition. This time you were supposed to write a poem or a short story inspired by the prize, which is a beautiful pink octopus set made by talented Ad0xa. The winners have yet to be announced, but you can check out all the incredible entries here.

Right at the beginning of the month, the winners from ET’s Disney villains dress up comp was announced. Both females and males won an amazing Ursula inspired set/items made by Ad0xa. You can see all the entries here, and the winners here.

SMT’s January raffle was slightly delayed, but we still got it early this month instead. This time it was over on Instagram, and females could win a really cute set by Lonika, while males had the chance to get their hands on a stunning set made by Bowie. The winners were announced in this forum and also in this Instagram post.

The Tumblr team is hosting the February SMT raffle, where the prizes are a gorgeous set created by Dinalicious for females and a stunning Ewelein set for males. The raffle is now closed, but the winners have yet to be announced!

SMT’s who wore it best is back, and it’s still not too late to create your outfit. Make sure you check out this forum if you want to participate, where you can also see what items you need to style for the competition. The prizes are the same for both female and male accounts; a beautiful lilac hair and matching flowers created by Somsoc. The deadline is March 9th, so it’s time to show off your creativity!

The Mega Credit Set Week took place from February 4th to February 10th and it was filled with a lot of beautiful sets made by different designers from the English server, with exceptions for the female €48 and €96 sets and the €24 male set that were made by Solovey. According to the poll in the thread most people seemed to like the €96 and the €6 female sets and for the male sets the €12 set were most popular.
On February 9th it was once again time for another auction. The popdollar sets were both made by the talented Shadowjess and the credit sets were both made by the talented Solovey. In the auction thread a lot of people pointed out that people bid insanely much for the sets.
Valentine's day is celebrated on the 14th of February every year, a day that definitely didn't go unnoticed here on VP. Stunning pink and red outfits filled the site, and the Youtube Team made a video to showcase them all.

To celebrate Valentine's, SMT teamed up with ET to host a meme card competition. The winning cards were then published on the social media pages for everyone to see.

The Social Media Team also asked all of you to send in your Valentine's greetings to other users to spread love across the site.

It turns out, both giving and receiving love has its perks, and female avatars who participated in the event received two stunning sets made by Sleepy, while males received a set made by Kieren.

SMT wanted you to spread love, and you certainly did! You sent in so many greetings that it took the team several days to send out love to everyone!

The month of love may be over, but that doesn't mean you should stop spreading love! See someone with an amazing outfit? Give them a compliment! See a new user? Welcome them to the site! The possibilities are endless! If you need inspiration or want to know more about the power of kindness, check out
this article.


This month we have a little surprise for you! If you submit some funny or creative things like art, memes, jokes, small stories and so on, you will receive a small gift! So don't hesitate to send us your creations! 
Do you have a friend you think should send us something? Then feel free to tag them!
Send your creations to the NewsTeam account.
To flip the pages, press the bottom corner of the page, or use the drop-down menu at the top.

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Godis wrote on 04-03 22:37:
Godis wrote:
I can think about what one can have for fun or something.
Report | Quote | X
Libertas wrote on 02-03 13:53:
Libertas wrote:
Update about the codes!

The codes should be claimable again and there is plenty of claims left on both of the codes!
Report | Quote | X
Toraix wrote on 01-03 11:10:
Toraix wrote:
The sudoku was so fun!!
Report | Quote | X
Baileyyrosee wrote on 28-02 22:39:
Baileyyrosee wrote:
very cute
Report | Quote | X
Brynhild wrote on 28-02 21:17:
Brynhild wrote:
The layout is wonderful
Thank you for this new, it was very nice to read, and the sudoku is an AWESOME idea, I got a lof of fun to do it!
Report | Quote | X
MeNoS wrote on 28-02 19:28:
MeNoS wrote:
i love this so much, the layout is great!
also, for the fun page, does it have to be our own work (thinking of memes and jokes, not the art)
Report | Quote | X
Libertas wrote on 28-02 19:20:
Libertas wrote:
ElfPrincess wrote:
Nice magazine!
wish i knew how to sudoku tho 
Maybe try to read this and see if it help!
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 28-02 19:00:
Chlorine wrote:
Nice magazine!
wish i knew how to sudoku tho 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 28-02 18:48:
BloomCissi wrote:
MeNoS wrote:
i love this so much, the layout is great!
also, for the fun page, does it have to be our own work (thinking of memes and jokes, not the art)
Preferably it should be something made by yourself, yes. @MeNoS 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 28-02 18:44:
Catpods wrote:
thank u so much for the sudoku, also thank u sm for letting my art to be featured in this article
rly squeezed my heart
thank u sm 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 28-02 18:18:
Chiron wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Phyllis wrote on 28-02 18:12:
Phyllis wrote:
I love these monthly magazines! :d
Thanks for the extra gift! It's so lovely! Also, I missed sudokus. :'D
Report | Quote | X
MeNoS wrote on 28-02 18:09:
MeNoS wrote:
i love this so much, the layout is great!
also, for the fun page, does it have to be our own work (thinking of memes and jokes, not the art)
Report | Quote | X
Libertas wrote on 28-02 18:08:
Libertas wrote:
Smile2 wrote:
I came back here after a long time
And love this
Amazing ❤️
We're glad that you like it!
And welcome back!
Report | Quote | X
Smile2 wrote on 28-02 18:03:
Smile2 wrote:
I came back here after a long time
And love this
Amazing ❤️
Report | Quote | X
Ad0xa wrote on 28-02 17:53:
Ad0xa wrote:
I love this sooo much. It makes it much more easy to keep up with all the things going on! 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 28-02 17:51:
Luminescence wrote:
lovely, i had been waiting for this! 
Report | Quote | X
Libertas wrote on 28-02 17:36:
Libertas wrote:
A new month and a new magazine! Woohoo! <3
Good luck with the sudoku guys <3
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 28-02 17:36:
Era wrote:

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