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YouTube Team's Look Alike Competition Ft. NT (by Private)

You might remember Youtube Team's first look alike video where they tried to make our Admins, Kaj and Shadowjess, as Sims? For this edition of Eifos and Apterygidae's look alike challenge, they decided to make it into a competition featuring members from the NewsTeam. BloomCissi, Petite and Cimorene volunteered to be models for the challenge, and here is the result! After seeing the video, we thought, why not make a review of it? 

Below, you will find our commentary on the avatars made by Apterygidae and Eifos. It was a tough challenge, but after a bit of deliberation, we also managed to decide on a winner. Do you agree with our winner? Watch the video and comment below!

Look alike 1 - BloomCissi

Petite: Both of you managed to get the hair, face paint and teddy bear really spot on, which are the main parts that make both of the sims resemble BloomCissi’s iconic outfit. Though you have very different interpretations of the clothes she is wearing, both sims are great look alikes. I like how Apterygidae managed to find a top that resembles the black top and gold jacket combo BloomCissi is wearing, and the earrings is a detail I really appreciate that you managed to incorporate. The skirt is quite different, but the black pattern looks really nice on the sim. I have to say, Eifos’ child sim is just adorable! Though the jacket is missing, this is a very cute sim and it definitely resembles BloomCissi’s outfit.

Cimorene: Both Apterygidae and Eifos really managed to capture the outfit well. They both recreated the face really well, even including the signature makeup. The teddy bear is on point as well in both versions. The skirt Eifos chose matches Bloom’s really well, but Apretygidae managed to find a top that represents both the jacket and top Bloom is wearing, and included the earrings as well. Both versions turned out very good. And I gotta say I love the fact that Eifos made BloomCissi a child, it’s both hilarious and adorable!

BloomCissi: I think both Apterygidae and Eifos managed to recreate the essence of my outfit, even though they look rather different. Eifos's sim might bear (!) a closer resemblance to my avatar because of the golden underpart of the dress, but I like that Apterygidae chose a top that made it look like she was wearing both a top and a jacket just like my avatar, and that she added a bracelet and earrings. I have to say though, I'm slightly offended that Eifos decided to make my avatar as a child. At least she was cute, so it's all good!

Look alike 2 - Petite

Petite: These two sims are both very similar and different at the same time, but they both really resembles my outfit! Eifos have created a sim that from afar looks exactly like my avatar, while Apterygidae has managed to capture details. For Efos’ sim I love the clothes as they are very similar to what I was wearing, and the hair is also perfect. Apterygidae’s sim has a detailed face with beautiful makeup and I love that you added the detail of the head jewellery. 

Cimorene: These look-alikes turned out so great! They are both very close to the original outfit, and especially the pants Eifos chose are almost identical to the ones Petite is wearing. Eifos also managed to find a hairstyle that’s more or less the twin to Petite’s. I love the face that Apterigydae created and how well the makeup matches Petite’s signature makeup layering. Her small touches of white jewelry is also great. And while the clothes and hair aren’t as close to the original outfit as Eifos’, the look still clearly resembles Petite’s. 

BloomCissi: While Eifos's outfit seems like almost an exact replica of Petite's avatar and thus is more of a look alike, I like the fact that Apterygidae's version is more detailed. Her use of jewellery and meticulous attention to the makeup makes her version stand out. I love the hair Eifos used, it looks very much like the hair combo of Petite's avatar. Apterygidae might not have had clothing items that matched Petite's avatar exactly, but she still managed to creatively put together an outfit that bears a close resemblance to Petite's avatar.

Look alike 3 - Cimorene

Petite: Cimorene’s outfit is probably the one that you have interpreted the most differently, but you have both managed to capture details and both of the sims resemble the original look. Again, Apterygidae is more focused on the smaller details and I love that you added the mark on the cheek, and even if you’re missing some sort of jacket, the outfit looks a lot like what Cimorene was wearing. The perfect recreation of the hair and goggles on Eifos’ sim cannot go unnoticed, as well as the details in the top that really resembles Cimorene’s accessories, though the heavy black jacket covers a bit too much for the look to be a perfect look alike. 

Cimorene: It seems like they got a challenge with my outfit, and I honestly love how it turned out! The looks are so different, yet they managed to capture the outfit very well. Both got the dreads and goggles (Eifos’ even in the same colour!). I love Apterygidae’s little touch with red marking on the cheek as well as the blueish sheen to the lipstick she chose (I used a blue one underneath the black for the look), and Eifos’ small detail with the nose chain. Apterygidae’s look shows the bottom part with fishnets and purple skirt, while Eifos managed to find a very close look with the top and belts. Apterygidae’s look is basically the biker girl version while Eifos’ is the steampunk elf. Both are really great and managed to capture different small details!

BloomCissi: This outfit might have been the hardest one to make, since Cimorene's avatar is very detailed. I really like Eifos's version, especially the hair and blue-glassed goggles that look very much like those Cimorene is wearing. Again, Apterygidae's version is very detailed, and I think the use of blood on her face, as well as the fishnet leggings really makes it a good look alike. Eifos and Apterygidae have made very different interpretations of Cimorene's avatar, which makes it hard to choose which one is better.  

Overall scoreboard

First we have to say that both of our contestants did a phenomenal job recreating our outfits in The Sims 4! It was a tough choice, but we have now all voted for the sims we liked and that we thought caught the essence of the original vp outfits the best.


Apterygidae: III


So with that, it looks like we have a winner of this look alike competition - congratulations Eifos!


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Report | Quote | X
Eifos wrote on 22-07 18:45:
Eifos wrote:
Should we create another episode? And do you have ideas for who we should create?
Report | Quote | X
MeNoS wrote on 21-07 19:57:
MeNoS wrote:
i loved this!! the layout is great as well as the video and the outfits are lovely
Report | Quote | X
Apterygidae wrote on 21-07 19:40:
Apterygidae wrote:
Cyllinda wrote:
nice 2 see the yt team still existing! the dutch server can’t relate
Well, we are trying our best to keep YT alive again after new members join the
team ^^
Report | Quote | X
Cyllinda wrote on 21-07 18:57:
Cyllinda wrote:
nice 2 see the yt team still existing! the dutch server can’t relate
Report | Quote | X
Cimorene wrote on 18-07 22:24:
Cimorene wrote:
This was so much fun to make! I really love how everything turned out
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 16-07 23:51:
Melk wrote:
This was fun
good job
Report | Quote | X
NixieFae wrote on 16-07 23:49:
NixieFae wrote:
that was pretty cool! i think both sides did a good job of copying the looks in sims!
eifos got a upperhand with cc though  
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 16-07 22:32:
Rochellette wrote:
That looks fun and great job making the looks.
Love the layout
Report | Quote | X
Apterygidae wrote on 16-07 18:10:
Apterygidae wrote:
Me like it ;)
Report | Quote | X
Platin wrote on 16-07 17:54:
Platin wrote:
Nice <3
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 16-07 16:41:
Chlorine wrote:
I love the layout!
Good job
Report | Quote | X
Libertas wrote on 16-07 16:30:
Libertas wrote:
The layout is so gorgeous 😍

I really need to watch the video too, especially after reading the commentary 😂❤️

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