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NT Monthly Magazine: September (by NewsTeam )

Happy Octo-eve every one!

Been a bit quiet from myself the last few months but wanted to give some quick updates from my end! As a lot of you have already seen and started to take part in, I'm now running a 'Quest of the week' along with my fellow German Admin. She started the idea back in March and has been solo-running it to now. She's kindly given me the list of tasks that she's run up till now so we'll be running through those until further notice. If anyone also has any ideas of things that they would want to see regarding the site - send me a quick message or comment in the magazine comments below!

The last few months it's mostly been behind the scenes updates regarding the teams so it's only a small update. I'm looking to do another change to the Fashion contest categories at the end of October also.

Just a quick one for this month! But hopefully going forward with the open suggestions for site activities there will be more to come!
Have you noticed someone making engaging forums over the past month? Perhaps someone is writing informative blogs, making really inspiring, beautiful looks or is a nondesigner who has been showing great potential lately? Or you know a person who is showing endless kindness and generosity by helping beginners, complimenting other users or encouraging others to do be themselves?

We here in the NewsTeam want to get in contact with people who are making VP a better place in one way or another, and write a little feature about them for our future magazines. We are all going to keep an eye out, but we will also need your help to nominate people you think are doing something great. Please send the name of who you want to nominate and a little description of why in a message to the NewsTeam account, and maybe you will see them shining and getting the appreciation they deserve in the next issue of our monthly magazine. Note that this is very open, and you can nominate people for almost anything as long as it is putting them and what they are doing in a positive light.

“You might think your light is small, but it can make a huge difference in other people’s lives”
Another team announced that they are looking to extend late this month; the DesignerTeam. If you love to design and becoming an official badged designer is something you have always dreamt of, don’t hesitate to apply! To apply this time around, you have to create both one female and one male design based on the theme Autumn Casual, and you have until 27th October 2019 to send in your sets.

You can read more details about the task, how to apply and about the requirements of an official designer in DTs application
forum here. Good luck to all aspiring designers!
Exciting things are happening here in the NewsTeam at the moment, because, as you may have seen, we have been holding applications this month! The applications were open for three weeks between 6th and 27th September, and we now have some great candidates to fill the open spots. We are really looking forward to welcome some fresh faces to the team and to continue to provide diverse articles and monthly magazines for all of you.

Thank you for applying to everyone who did, and keep an eye on the Daily News page for the announcement!
The first who wore it best this month was hosted by Tumblr who also had put a little twist on the normal WWIB. This time the contestants had to make an outfit that included 2 items from the Fashion shop. The prizes were made by Julia (female prize) and Pearlivian (male prize).


At the beginning of September hosted ET another of their season dress up, the season this time was spring. The contestants had to create an outfit based on flowers to have a chance to win the beautiful prizes. The female prize was made by Helmii & Dollzmania and the male set was made by Moss. The winners of the competition were announced on the 21st and we wish all the winners a big congratulation! 

This month’s “Greek mythology dress up” competition was inspired by the God of dreams, Morpheus. The contestants had to use Morpheus story as their inspiration for their entries in the competition to have a chance to win a beautiful set by Leda. The winners were recently announced and we say congrats to all of the contestants that won.


The Event Team decided that their “Design competition” no longer should be called that and instead they are calling it “Design event” since everyone has a chance to win the prize. The theme of the design event was “Spooky season” and the amazing prizes were made by Kaysha (female) and Devilcake (male).


The second who wore it best was hosted by the Facebook group. This time tho who wanted to enter the competition had to dress up using a blue hair that SMT had chosen. The prize is a beautiful hair by Somsoc. The winners haven’t been announced yet so we would like to wish everyone good luck!



This month's auction was held on 7th of September and featured four sets made by five different designers. The female PD set was a cute mint green set made by Lily (September!), while the male set was a Pokemon-inspired set made by Shadowjess and non-badged designer Eveonite. The female credit set was made by Solovey, while the male set was designed my Eifos. According to a poll made by the ForumTeam, the female credit set was the most popular design.

This months's mega credit set week was held between 2nd and 9th of September and included a variety of sets made by four different designers. As usual, there were six sets for females (no bonus sets this time), designed by non-badged designer Mordiera, Lonika, Solovey and Masilein. For males, there was unfortunately only one set, designed by Solovey, which was initially priced at 12€. After feedback from the community, the price was lowered to 2€, enabling more males to obtain the set. To view all the sets, click here.



I weep for the threes that are to

Never unfold.
I weep for the species of long
Forgotten stories.
I cry for those I know to hold near.
And that are those who are bound
To disappear.

I hope for myself that blindness

And carelessness isn't 
a genetic code.
Of those who saw the foretold.
I whisper for those who never thought it gone.
I'm brought on by the hope I still hold.
If Earth was to disappear in itself,
Of humans and buildings 
And ash-grey shelves.
What are we to do with an Earth so used-up?
What are we to do with an Earth that rot?
What with the species that forever is gone? 
With the air we are breathing 
-- soon toxic as ourselves.

Where will we run for 

when days are 
No longer.
How long will our measures 
making us linger?
1. Which date was the first day of autumn this year?
a) September 19th
b) September 2nd
c) September 23rd

2. Which holidays are celebrated during autumn?
a) Thanksgiving, Midsummer, Cinco de mayo
b) Halloween, Thanksgiving, Guy Fawkes day
c) Halloween, Father’s day, Advent

3. Which drink is extra popular during autumn?
a) Vanilla latte
b) Chai latte
c) Pumpkin spice latte

4. What is the autumn equinox?
a) The official beginning of autumn
b) A phase of the moon that only happens during autumn
c) The official end of autumn

5. What food is autumn food?
a) Pumpkin stew
b) Grilled cheese
c) Hamburger

6. Which colours are associated with autumn?
a) Green, orange, blue
b) Red, orange, yellow
c) Black, white, grey

To flip the pages, press the bottom corner of the page, or use the drop-down menu at the top.

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Phyllis wrote on 02-11 14:07:
Phyllis wrote:
Phyllis wrote:

And I'm super happy about the change in FC themes soon! 

The FC themes are not forgotten, I hope. 
Report | Quote | X
Atencia wrote on 01-10 22:53:
Atencia wrote:
Marcelien wrote:
is the code supposed to be limited? 
Yes, and it is maxed, unfortunately. 
Report | Quote | X
Marcelien wrote on 01-10 22:51:
Marcelien wrote:
is the code supposed to be limited? 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 01-10 22:20:
Amren wrote:
Love these autumn colours! ^-^ Amazing magazine.
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 01-10 15:53:
Potionsky wrote:
superb layout! 😚 also, im on mobile and the quiz worked for me
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 01-10 15:53:
Potionsky wrote:
superb layout! 😚 also, im on mobile and the quiz worked for me
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 01-10 15:46:
Era wrote:
I may be a little sentimental and stuff but It's so nice to see all this good feedback we are getting! We are grateful to you for reading and loving our magazines, it means a lot to us! In the future, we will work even harder to give you more amazing magazines! 
Thank you! 
Report | Quote | X
Ad0xa wrote on 01-10 11:23:
Ad0xa wrote:
The layout <3 <3 <3

And I still love these magazines!!! 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 01-10 00:44:
Noax wrote:
Thank you so much, really love the set and the theme! 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 30-09 21:17:
Chlorine wrote:
Amazing magazine as always! Loved the color palette on the pages as well 👌
also, thanks for showing my art 💖
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 30-09 18:50:
Rochellette wrote:
I love it! Specially the user of the month, I have many people in mind Is something nice to recognize  people that made VP better
The Quiz prize is so nice! I LOVE IT thank you. Great reading, I love the poem on the fun page
The layouts were something sweet to see Great colors
Report | Quote | X
Libertas wrote on 30-09 17:57:
Libertas wrote:
DannyDanger wrote:
tbh the quiz prize being shown on the side is so neat and inventive kudos to y'all
We are so thankful for the dutch NT that shared some codes with us a bit hard to understand the dutch tho lol but we managed <3
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 30-09 17:29:
Xemnas wrote:
tbh the quiz prize being shown on the side is so neat and inventive kudos to y'all
Report | Quote | X
Phyllis wrote on 30-09 17:24:
Phyllis wrote:
Beautiful layout! Loving the quiz prize thank you!
And I'm super happy about the change in FC themes soon! 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 30-09 16:53:
RareRevolution wrote:
I can't do the quiz, doesn't work for me. Can't press on the options
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 30-09 16:53:
RareRevolution wrote:
I can't do the quiz, doesn't work for me. Can't press on the options
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 30-09 16:52:
RareRevolution wrote:
I can't do the quiz, doesn't work for me. Can't press on the options
Report | Quote | X
Moss wrote on 30-09 16:46:
Moss wrote:
Lovely magazine! Autumn colours are my favourite so I love the layouts extra much 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 30-09 16:42:
Eis wrote:
aaa i love it <33 this is right up my alley!  amazing work as usual by nt <333
Report | Quote | X
Libertas wrote on 30-09 16:41:
Libertas wrote:
I hope y’all enjoy ❤️
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 30-09 16:31:
BloomCissi wrote:
The magazine for September is out! Hope you all like it!

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