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Designer Appreciation: Crown (by Krystle )

November is slowly coming to an end, but first, we of course need this month’s designer appreciation. Over a few rainy Autumn days, I got the opportunity to ask our talented designer Crown some questions about their design process, so I hope you enjoy this little interview! 


First of all, let's get to know them a little better! Crown is fifteen years old and live in Portugal. They, as many other of our designers, spend a lot of their freetime drawing, but they also like to play dress up games and listen to music. 

- How did you start designing for VP?  

“When I started playing vp, I saw that we could design and have our clothes in game, I found it absolutely amazing. I also wanted to create some specific clothes and improve my art with designing.” After designing for a few months, Crown then got badged on the German server in early April 2019, and since, they have just continued to improve and provided us with lots of beautiful items.

How long each design takes them to make, really depends on their mood and how excited they are about that particular design, they told me. 

LE male: thankyoucr0wnmale

“This one with the pink and purple dress I made in one day with a skin by Pearlnet, while on this one [the darker outfit] I spent around a week on.”

How much time they usually spend designing during the week also depends, they said. As they are still in school, during the weeks they have a lot of schoolwork to do, they usually only get to design on the weekend. 

- Where do you get your inspiration for new designs?

“On Pinterest,” was the quick answer. To create their beautiful designs, they use both the program Paint Tool Sai and Medibang Paint Pro, and their preferred design tool is a drawing tablet. 
LE female: thankyoucr0wnfem

- Do you have a set that means something special to you or that had a special story behind it when you created it?

“I like this one a lot because it was my very first design in game,” they said while showing the pink male design holding a plushie. 

Crown have showed amazing progress over the year they have been designing regularly for vp. Below you can see some of that progress for yourself, with one of their very first designs being the pink hoodie and their latest being this incredible collaboration with Gravitation!


Hope you enjoyed this little weekend read, and if you found the hidden gifts, don't forget to thank Crown!

Note that the codes are LE, so please do not claim on side accounts.


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Private wrote on 28-11 00:48:
Nanevane wrote:
Missed it this time sad
Report | Quote | X
VirgoElf wrote on 26-11 04:32:
VirgoElf wrote:
what was the item?
Report | Quote | X
Djinn wrote on 25-11 22:22:
Djinn wrote:
We all love your designs, Crown! <3
P.S., will the pink hoodie get a remake? 
Report | Quote | X
Phyllis wrote on 24-11 10:05:
Phyllis wrote:
It was fun to read, Crown is very talented!~

Beautiful layout and I love the way the interview was written! 
Report | Quote | X
Stratovarius wrote on 24-11 03:49:
Stratovarius wrote:
I really love your designs, Crown!
Thank you for the set 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 23-11 22:42:
Sinner wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Teenwitch wrote on 23-11 21:22:
Teenwitch wrote:
of course i miss it. lol.
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 23-11 21:21:
Nesta wrote:
Can't wait to see more of your designs, Crown! You're talented! 
Report | Quote | X
Ausma wrote on 23-11 21:20:
Ausma wrote:
Rochellette wrote:
HunJin wrote:
Missed the code
Congrats Crown! well deserved.
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 23-11 20:29:
Rochellette wrote:
HunJin wrote:
Missed the code
Congrats Crown! well deserved.
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 23-11 19:56:
Mikkelrev wrote:
amazing stuff!!
Report | Quote | X
Leo wrote on 23-11 19:55:
Leo wrote:
thank you crown you're amazing designer
Report | Quote | X
Wren2012 wrote on 23-11 19:53:
Wren2012 wrote:
So much talent. 
I love these designer appreciation articles and learning more about our designers. :)
Thank you for the incredible gift.
Report | Quote | X
HunJin wrote on 23-11 19:46:
HunJin wrote:
Missed the code sad
Congrats Crown! well deserved.
Report | Quote | X
Snailman wrote on 23-11 19:35:
Snailman wrote:
hyell yea
Report | Quote | X
Sirenita wrote on 23-11 19:30:
Sirenita wrote:
thanks NT and Crowne for the code :)
Report | Quote | X
Libertas wrote on 23-11 19:18:
Libertas wrote:
I loved reading this and thank you for the beautiful gift ❤️
Report | Quote | X
NixieFae wrote on 23-11 19:15:
NixieFae wrote:
Such a pretty set! 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 23-11 19:14:
Chlorine wrote:

thank you so much for the gift @Crown  and NT💖
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 23-11 19:14:
Luminescence wrote:
Thank you NT and Crown 💗
Report | Quote | X
MissLondon wrote on 23-11 19:09:
MissLondon wrote:
Never figured you to be only 15...Can't imagine what you'll be capable of in a few years.
Stay inspired and thank you❤
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 23-11 19:09:
Mjom wrote:
love the layout! plus the design with the flowers is one of my favs love it so much
Report | Quote | X
Vuitton wrote on 23-11 19:05:
Vuitton wrote:
sick layout!! 
thank u for the amazing sets
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 23-11 19:05:
Ella wrote:
Crown is def one of my favorites! Love this 

And ty for the set! 
Report | Quote | X
Helia wrote on 23-11 19:04:
Helia wrote:
That dress design you are talking about is simply beautiful! 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 23-11 19:03:
Dracarys wrote:
Report | Quote | X
January wrote on 23-11 19:03:
January wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Crown wrote on 23-11 19:01:
Crown wrote:
omg i love that layout 
Report | Quote | X
Atencia wrote on 23-11 19:00:
Atencia wrote:

And the beautiful layout is made by Krystle!

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