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 Report-**~ K-Dramas ~**-
Okay so I came across a thread like yesterday where they asked for some tips on asian dramas, and as I am quite a frequent viewer I decided to lend my expertise. I did end up writing a lot of dramas though, and to not waste it all I decided to collect it in this blog post, hahah. They are not ranked in a specific order, it's too hard to actually pick a favourite, even though some have a special place in my heart.

The heirs
High school drama, poor girl meats ricj guy abroad and share a shirt fling, only to come back to South Korea to realise who the guy is. There's a lov triangle and a hell of a lot of drama, but I really like it.

You're Beautiful
Girl dresses up as her twin brother and join a band. All three guys falls for her. Super cute and one of my first.

Stars two of the people from You're Beautiful. University drama in which the classical department (girl) clashes with a very popular band (guy) several times, and some kind of affection comes out of it. SUoer cute, and really nice if you like music, they mix Classical Korean music with more modern sounds.

School 2015 (And basically all school-series tbh)
A girl loses her memories and finds out a lot more about herself in the process of regaining them. She realise she has a twin sister of whom she accidentally took the place of.

Reply 1997
A serie taking place mostly in the year of 1998. A Girl looks back at her time which led to her meeting her current husband. A little bit like How I met your Mother I guess... but still not at all like that hahahah.

Missing Nine
Completely different from the others, but nine people of an entertainment company gets cast away on a deserted island. As they try to survive they are finding out a lot more about each other than they probably should. (mystery, murder and other things. Really exciting at all times as you never know who is going to die next)

Coffee prince
Kinda old, but super fun. A tomboy is mistaken for a young man and ends up working at a café because she needs the employment.

Dream high
Preforming arts school preparing the students to actually debut. There is a competition throughout the drama for who will end up debuting, mainly having two teams against each other, one considered the best people, one considered the worst people. A lot of love and drama, and it's filled with cute and different couples. Main girl has attitude problems, as well as a hard time expressing emotions, which makes a fun twist.

Playful Kiss
My favourite actor from Boys over Flowers stars in this one, actually, hahah. A clumsy not-too-bright girl falls for the genius of the school. Then she ends up moving in to his house. He finds her extremely annoying. But yeah, character development happens, of course hahah

Never actually finished this one (because I'm the worst at finishing dramas) but it's super popular and the sound track is jaw-dropping, if that's something you care about. It's about a goblin who searches for his bride to release him from being improsined on earth. He comes across a girl who can see ghosts and well... is very stubborn. THERE'S A SUPER HOT GRIM REAPER IN IT.

Scarlet heart Ryeo
Also an historical drama, but with a fun twist. Girl end up travelling back in time, and gets her faith entwined with several of the princes of that time. A lot of court intrigues and stuff happens, also a lot of love. Super hot and cute guys.

Shut up flower boy band


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Well, as the title says, it's about an inhumane strong woman called Do Bong Soon, who kind of just wants to be normal, I guess? She has a crush on this cute police guy, who thinks she's this defenseless weak woman. She end up starting to work as a body guard fro this Gaming Company CEO, who... likes her strong personality.  

She was pretty

Girl who used to be really beautiful as young but didn't "stay that way"(she's still hella beautiful tbh, but she's not supposed to be) when she grew up. She starts working at a company where she meets her old childhood friend (who was not handsome as young, but turned out to be hella fine) and she doesn't dare to confess it's her.

Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal

Also historical drama. Girl dresses up as guy to take the entrance exam to start studying to become an official, after some mishaps. She crosses ways with more than one interesting character, and her life is far from easy.

Protect the boss 
A woman struggles to get a job, but end up being employed as a secretary for this super rich and childish guy. He falls inlove with her, but she likes someone else. Filled with comedy and cuteness. And also this really handsome k-idol.

Good doctor
Never got around to finish this one either, but I cried a lot even in the first episodes. It's about an autistic guy who wants to be a doctor because the two most important things in his life died with him being helpless. HEARBREAKING I TELL YOU.

Splash Splash LOVE
Super cute drama-short. Really interesting historically, as it brings up actual things which were invented by the king it's about.

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