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 ReportProm 2nd of June 2017
It started around 12:00 in the local castel park with photography of each class.
I wore a long light turquoise dress with a bit sparkles. My boyfriend Simon wore a costume with
matching color on his bow tie and tissue. He was really handsome by the way. Hihi.
My mom made my hair, she's such a talented woman with no experience of hairstyles at all.
I gave her some inspiring pictures and she made my hair into an amazing artwork.

Around 16:00 our 7 busses departed from the station to a famous liked hotel on a beautiful island.
As everyone who wished to have, or had already booked, a hotelroom me and Simon bought a drink
and sat down to watch everyone behave pretty crazy about the rooms in the long line. 
Everyone wore such beautiful dresses in every color you could possible imagine. 
As you may already guessed, my outfit was inspired by my favorite disney princess Ariel
with my shining red hair and my turquoise dress. 

The weather that day was perfect, a bit windy but not too much. It was some clouds but the sun shined
through and made it perfect and not too much warmth. 

We sat down outside in the afternoon sun at an empty table. I was a bit anxious because
people were looking at me funny like I looked like a clown and like I weren't as beautiful as they were.
But Simon told me that I looked like a princess and I believed him, at least to calm my anxiety among
the 350 people sitting at the same porch. I tried to focus on Simon only. 

At 18:00 the starter began and everyone sat down in a large room in front of a stage. During
the dinner every classes speach began. Some was pretty boring and not so well thought through
but everyone shared some laugher. After the main course it was a tiny break because of the sunset 
that everyone wanted to catch in front of the beautiful big sea. The sun perfectly reflected in the water
as wished for. We took some picures too and some dutch tourists helped us take a photo of us both.

The dessert was deserved around 19:30 and some was pretty drunk during that time. They even let
some of them on the stage to share their speech. One of them nearly fell of the stage. 

My favorite speech was one about how they explained that they didn't want to thank their
classmates and teacher but chose to apologize. 
"We want to apologize for every time we got late for class, for Eric who fell asleep, for Amanda
who always corrected the teacher. We want to say sorry for that time Alicia told everyone that the class
was canceled and gave us all absence and also for the times we tricked you about when the time
the class was finnished just to get a longer break"
It was just amazing, all stories. 

After the dessert the music started slowly as an invite to a waltz. Me and Simon and a few
other couples were the only ones dancing on the floor but it was amazing. It was flying helium balloons
everywere. The smoke was blue because of the lights and it felt like walking among clouds, in a dream.
Simon smiled at me, he was so handsome, so beautiful. Everything was perfect. He bought me some 
yummy colorful drinks and we danced to the music. I lated became a bit hazy because of the alcohol
and I was also tired, and the combination makes me crazy. But it was really fun and I enjoyed the night.

We arrived home at 2:00 and fell asleep right after. I'm satisfied with the prom but I probably wouldn't
do it again with that people since I bearly new anyone.

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September wrote on 11-06 12:21:
September wrote:
Adore wrote:
you look like a princess!
lovely text and pics <3
thank u<3
Report | Quote
September wrote on 11-06 12:21:
September wrote:
thank u so much guys <3
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Private wrote on 08-06 14:00:
Saekki wrote:
Wow your dress is gorgeous!
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Private wrote on 08-06 13:41:
Felicity wrote:
you both look amazing!!!
Report | Quote
Private wrote on 08-06 13:40:
Adore wrote:
you look like a princess!
lovely text and pics <3
Report | Quote
Private wrote on 08-06 13:24:
Cute wrote:
aww you're such a cutie ♥ 
Report | Quote
KjIMMeYY wrote on 08-06 13:00:
KjIMMeYY wrote:
stunning!! i a so glad you enjoyed it <33
Report | Quote
Libertas wrote on 08-06 12:53:
Libertas wrote:
I so love the colours you went for <3
You looked amazing, hope you had an amazing prom! <3
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September wrote on 08-06 12:31:
September wrote:
MayNekomia wrote:
Awe so cute :3 love the dress and the nails. Btw I loooved your hairstyle ♥♥♥
Thank you so much! Means a lot, and all cred to my mom regarding the hair. All I did was color it ; ) <3
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MayNekomia wrote on 08-06 11:57:
MayNekomia wrote:
Awe so cute :3 love the dress and the nails. Btw I loooved your hairstyle ♥♥♥