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 ReportWhat describes you best~
Yeah it's a pretty known question, isn't it? 
"Which three words describes you the best?"
Here are mine!

I'be always been too generous. Way to generous. Much because of the fact that I care too much about people around me and get easily affected. On goSupermodel I saved gomoney (as in pd here) weeks before halloween. Mostly because of the fact that we just got to know that the persons working on the web wouldn't do much for us anymore, including events like halloween and christmas. So I saved a huge amount of money, items and diamonds (cr). I made a bunch of different competition with my team I had made a week before who was awesome at helping me and create different competitions. Gomoney was as hard to get as Popdollars, not easy. And I gave out 500 000 gm that weekend. I don't regret anything. Hopefully they still remember my effort.
Ofcourse this doesn't mean I want begging in pm. I give to those who deserves, like Robin Hood. ;)

Yeah it's very much of what i'be just told you guys. But I do care alot. I always stand up for my friends and family when they need me. Even though I never get the same back, I still do this. Even though people stab me in the back am I that person that will be there to give them a second chance and forgove them.

I'm a very odd and also unique person, pretty much wierd and sometimes annoying but always myself. I accept people for who they are and that's the way I am. 
I can suddenly post a video on snapchat breaking into my own house because my sister locked me out or send you an awkward picture of myself. Many people have been saying to me how nice it is to be around me since I'm a person you can be yourself with, because I NEVER judge anyone. Never. And if, only in a positive way. I'm way to optimistic!

okey so now. 
Which three words describes you the best?

Is it maybe...?
Tell me <3

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Jisatsu wrote on 28-09 01:25:
Jisatsu wrote:
uhm idk how else to describe me so i will just do what feels the best solution to me..

grey: im noone you would recognize in the first place, im quiet, im literally hiding behind others, im almost invisible,  im simply grey

placeholer: im the one you invite to a party "just because", im the one you contact if theres noone else, but you wouldnt think of me in the first place. im the one you think of after you run out of other options. im the one walking behind you because im not used to being alone, but im already used to being ignored by you

inside /when lonely
galaxy: im the one who can smile the brightest smile in the world, im the one who can think the darkest thougts, im the one of short ideas and long plans, im the one who can be as boring as our solar system and as exciting as strange galaxies
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ThePartyCorpse wrote on 28-09 01:04:
ThePartyCorpse wrote:
Introvert - I'm not one for going places or being with big crowds. Big crowds
make me feel pretty uncomfortable even though no on really realizes I'm there.
I'm pretty much wallpaper, and I prefer to stick to myself because
I don't have to worry about negativity, criticism, and the likes. 

Quiet - I think I already covered it in the introvert section by accident? xD

Kind - I like spoiling and treating family/friends to different things such as presents
or food. I also like treating strangers with the utmost kindness, even though I'm
 not really that great with people. There's too much hatred and negativity in the
world,so why create more?
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Private wrote on 28-09 00:22:
Melony753 wrote:
September wrote:
Melony753 wrote:
Shy, Awkward, Crazy
Wanna tell me more? ;3 Like why!

Shy, cause I am awkward. Like I am the queen of awkward. I can make almost any situation weird/strange. And crazy - cause who isn't? I am, My family is, my friends are
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September wrote on 27-09 23:12:
September wrote:
Melony753 wrote:
Shy, Awkward, Crazy

Wanna tell me more? ;3 Like why!
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Private wrote on 27-09 23:09:
Melony753 wrote:
Shy, Awkward, Crazy