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A Dummies Guide to Roleplaying (by Private)

Hello there ! I wanted to make an article in hopes to encourage more users to take part in the roleplaying section of this website. As some of you may know I have always been a huge fan and have found that it is an excellent creative outlet. Having consistently roleplayed over the years has also improved my writing and punctuation. What follows is what I like to call a dummies guide to roleplaying, so enjoy!


Step One:
Creating your character(s) is key to success. Most people prefer roleplaying with one male and one female character each. What I find the easiest is to find an image of someone (you may use tumblr or google for this).
For example, you may pick to use Lady GaGa as the appearance of your character. Now you get to choose a name and what their personality is like.

Name: Nikki Brown
Personality(may also be classed as 'Other'): She is a very shy, outspoken girl. Tends to spend most of her time lost in a good novel or her music. Most people compare her to a mouse due to how quiet she is, even when speaking. However she has a beautiful singing voice but is too afraid to sing in public

Step Two:
Now that you have your characters basic information sorted you need to know how to roleplay. There aren't really any rules on the best way to write your piece about your characters. The best thing to do is use your imagination but stay realistic to the theme. 
(For example; if the plot/theme of your roleplay is a highschool scenario, it would be unrealistic to have vampires there. but if the theme is supernatural highschool, then it would be acceptable for vampires to be there.)
The best way to make your post for your characters is to write as if you were writing a short story or a book. People usually write in third person.

Nikki could hear the muffled piano and vibrations from her rather smashed up iPhone that was somewhere under her two pillows. It was clearly time to wake up for class but as usual on a Monday morning, she didn't want to move. So she stretched out her hand and felt around for the lock button which forced the alarm to go onto snooze mode. Allowing her an extra eight minutes before it would bother her again.

QUICK TIP: Try to be as detailed as you possibly can be. As you can see in the example I spoke about the situation of waking up to an alarm clock and putting it on snooze. But I added a bit more depth to that action. This will improve your roleplay and gives your reader something interesting to work with.

Step Three:
Picking a plot can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. Personally, I prefer going with what I call a "basic" theme. Examples of these are high schools, shared apartments, hotel and work place. They are themes that you and your roleplay buddy/buddies can expand on with your own ideas as the story line progresses. 

Others sometimes prefer detailed plots to start with. These are almost like the blurb on the back of a novel. Something that summarises the storyline. Examples of these can usually be found by googling or on peoples weeblys. Or if you have a plot you'd like then write it up and use it! Roleplaying is all about imagination and having fun! You could also base the plot off of one of your favourite TV shows, movies or books.

Step Four:

Now all you need to do is find yourself people to roleplay with! The best way to do this is rock on over to the RPG section of the forums and post there! You can either start a roleplay yourself and wait for people to join OR you can start a forum searching for roleplay buddies. The world is your oyster! I hope to see you there!

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Private wrote on 11-02 17:07:
Vesperon wrote:
due to how quiet she is, even when speaking.
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 10-02 12:27:
ThugWorkout wrote:
Devilcake wrote:
I roleplay a shitton but not on VP cus I do it on a site that's for rping primarily, sorry to VP's half dead rping forums haha

What website do you use for it?
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 10-02 12:15:
Devilcake wrote:
I roleplay a shitton but not on VP cus I do it on a site that's for rping primarily, sorry to VP's half dead rping forums haha
Report | Quote | X
Dottis wrote on 10-02 11:38:
Dottis wrote:
Also!! If you use art that is not yours when roleplaying, ask permission if it's a public roleplay and do not claim that you own it just because you found it.
Report | Quote | X
Fuji wrote on 10-02 11:37:
Fuji wrote:
Where does the art in the background come from? So pretty. Nice layout btw!
Report | Quote | X
Wisteria wrote on 10-02 00:31:
Wisteria wrote:
this reminds me how much i miss roleplaying lmao , ... weee
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 10-02 00:27:
Quinzelle wrote:
I always consider roleplaying but I feel too awkward to start xD
Report | Quote | X
Gucci wrote on 09-02 23:03:
Gucci wrote:
this is helpful
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 09-02 23:02:
ThugWorkout wrote:
my heart (l)
this is fabulous, I hope it encourages some more people to roleplay!!
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 09-02 22:54:
Hypoxic wrote:
ï»żAs always, a big thank you to @Krystle for the layout <3
A bonus shout out to @ThugWorkout who forever inspires me to roleplay.

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