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ive learned my lesson about RCA tablets for the 3rd time
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Daily news
New YouTube Team members! (by Kawaiiflowergirl )


Thank you very much to all who have applied.
We have chosen 3 editors and 2 vloggers:

Say hello to our new members:

@Eifos @buni  @Kadse  

@Apterygidae @Vissy 


Greeting from
Kawaiiflowergirl & Kaeris/Wrench
YouTube team

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Donnaboo123 wrote on 12-12 18:03:
Donnaboo123 wrote:
hi youtube team  im donna nice too meet all of u
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DannyDanger wrote on 01-12 14:51:
DannyDanger wrote:
Congrats yall!
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Private wrote on 01-12 14:48:
FATLADY wrote:
Congrats ❤️
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Godis wrote on 25-11 18:34:
Godis wrote:
Congratulations to all of you!

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