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Animal crossing New Horizons
Youtube star

have you seen the teaser that's been released with EP3?
March 2020 i believe is when we'll finally receive the newest part to the AC series omg my heart
still a long way to go, but i'm so happy we finally have a certain date and first looks into the style of the game!

will you be getting a switch just for that? (if you don't already own one) i certainly will do lol, my heart beats for animal crossing too hard
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International star

Uh I watch the trailer yesterday
I was completely convinced that I wont buy the switch and now I REALLY NEED A SWITCH!!
I'm really excited with this new animal crossing 
National star

yeah imma save up so i have enough cash mon to get it in march. I really hope it comes bundled, I'm so excited!!! I've only watched the teaser none of the other stuff tho, i dunno, I'm torn if i wanna spoil it haha
World famous

i already have a switch

but if ill buy the game depends on the price i think
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I have mixed feelings, the gameplay looks really fun but it looks so ugly compared to other animal crossing games in my opinion. There's just something about the lighting and the light colours that make it look lifeless, and the textures look really flat. It would look so much better with more contrast. I'm not a fan of the sleek modern ui-design either, I like the cutesy look of the previous games ;u; I'll still buy it because it looks fun but i really hope they make som adjustments to the graphics
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