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Ok but is it normal
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To run 50m and then feel like ur lungs are collapsing like legit thinking like should i be calling an ambulance rn

Idk if im severely out of shape because i can walk 2h (probably more) walks and it Only bothering my feet

Like i feel like i must still have asthma but im 100% fine if im just doing normal stuff thats why they r like ur faking it just keep taking ur asthma meds made for CHILDREN

I can't breathe during inte se heat/cold and when having a cold and when running/jumping

But maybe im kust lazy idk i just think its odd
And when you test your asthma as an adult yoy Only sit on a chair and blow in that thing and then you get medication and blow again but as a child you have to run for i think 5 whole minutes 
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Would have gotten it checked up and requested another testing method to make sure 
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i mean those are the scenarios in which my asthma flares up severely. if i walk up stairs too fast my lungs and throat start burning and i taste blood when i exhale
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