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Poll: Do you enjoy watching older films?
LGBT+ Film thread vintage edition
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I'm gonna watch queer films up to ~1970

My list so far:

Mädchen in Uniform (Germany 1931)


watch here ››› (German, no subtitles, high-quality video)
                      ››› (English subtitles, lower quality video)

Mädchen in Uniform is an incredibly well-produced film, especially if you consider that it was made 90 years ago. The acting is great. This film seems incredibly ahead of its time. There is an all-female cast and it was directed by a woman.

The plot revolves around a girl at a boarding school, Manuela, who falls in love with her teacher. But it is much more than that. The setting at a boarding school for daughters of military men perfectly captures the culture of the time period. A line muttered by the headmistress sets the tone: "through discipline and hunger, hunger and discipline, we shall be great again! Or not at all! Only a young teacher opposes those sentiments and treats her students with kindness, kissing them goodnight and even lending them clothes. Naturally, half of the girls in the dormitory have a bit of a crush on her. It's much more than that for Manuela though and the trouble begins

Anders als die Andern §175 (Germany 1919, silent film)


watch here ›››

The film, in its original form, is lost. However, they tried to piece together the fragments best they could. It is not easy to watch the film but worth it in my opinion. The storytelling is kind of stiff and takes some time to get used to. The highlight of the film: original photos from the research of Magnus Hirschfeld, a Jewish sexologist (he was persecuted by the nazis in the following years) who plays himself. He is seen several times, for example giving a lecture or giving advice. He was also involved as a producer.

To contextualize: It is a film that promotes the acceptance of homosexual people and the repeal of §175, the legal basis for criminalizing homosexuality. The plot revolves around a well-regarded musician who gets blackmailed after he is seen in a romantic context with the man he gives violin lessons. He doesn't report the blackmailer (at first), because he is well aware of the risk of being persecuted himself.

I would recommend the film to anyone who is interested in queer history outside the US.

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Please suggest films
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watching silent films is really strange but also comforting
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Can we just look at Conrad Veidt

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Watched the first film, off to Mädchen in Uniform
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 You've added the topic LGBT+ Film thread vintage edition to your watch list.

rly interesting!!
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omg ive never even thought about that, amazing
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Watched Mädchen in Uniform today. It's a great film and it is very well produced and entertaining, especially considering it was made in 1931, 90 years ago. 

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Should I watch the 1951 version of mädchen in uniform?
Romy Schneider plays Manuela.
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