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Someone explain succession to me
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Why does everyone ship that younger guy with the older guy who is very threatening 

all i know is that eastern european radfems on tumblr are obsessed w the show, so i trust their judgement.
it's abt a lil fucked up family doing lil fucked up things ig.
World famous

it's a fucked up and very well-made show about a family and their company and who's gonna take over when their dad dies

i Don't trust radfems but i love succession very much it's what i look forward to every week rn

also i don't ship tom and greg like i dont care about them or want to read fanfiction about them or whatever. it's more like it's hilarious and whenever something happens between them i go insane but i hate everyone in this entire show and i'm not actually invested in them as people. u know. it's just all very very funny
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