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Youtube rewind 2019
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it stopped being interesting to me when i stopped being down with times 
World famous

I could fucking make this and I'm dumb as fuck

armie wrote:
they didn't bother cashing out millions of dollars for people to hate on it again. the tone was very bitter. the past years haven't been all that great, but imagine the hardwork that came with it only for it to be the most disliked vid bc some people don't know the creators or it's "too cringy" for their taste. some people even bandwagon with the hate. 

"Are we even surprised its fucking trashy tho" - saying these stuff lead to crab mentality when it comes to things like these lol, give people something to hate even though they haven't formed their own opinion on it and they will

so yes, they did try last year but y'all still hated it + they wasted money so this year, they just probably cashed out a few hundred and expected the hate. go with the lesser evil i suppose. youtube rewind has this bad rep now bc people automatically think it'll suck and first impressions usually last no matter how much one tries
@armie  agree 100% and last year rewind was pretty entertaining
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I found a perfect rewind
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