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He would be very sad, so i dont think you would want to do that!
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me on the way to the vet with
World famous

scum of the fucking earth that's fucking sick man

humans were a mistake

Sylvan wrote:
Oh my god this is so sick, poor baby :/ I hope he gets better soon!

Have you made a report to the police? Maybe they can still find fingerprints or dna or sth (even tho I doubt they would test it because they don't give much of a fuck about stuff like  this). If the police thing doesn't bring results, local press love that stuff, may prevent other cats from getting burns.
They don't give a fuck. They literally never take any animal abuse reports seriously from the shelter serious at all, even though it's easy. 
For an example: We contacted GLS and Postnord about a box with a code on it (which is on all boxes under the bottom (scan code, just like the scans under the testtubes you use for corona virus tests) and found the owner of said box who had dumped kittens + sadly mama who had passed away in the heat. The post services was shocked and of course wanted to help (took only 2 min to trace the box-code) but the police still DID not do anything in spite of us having a name, number, email and an adresse.

Even if they took the box (which is highly unlikely) thy could still figure out where and which area the AB found it, you know? Maybe if it was a stranger who the box belonged to they could tell them who has access to the boxes (found it a closed neighborhood) 

We're put on the lowest priorities because it isn't human lives who has either been in danger or killed - and  it is just "cats" they simply don't use their ressources on us unless the case is being covered by media. 
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