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anyone wanna chat?
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Bwi wrote:
Waifu wrote:
Bwi wrote:
i could've been better, so i'm just trying to distract myself. this whole quarantine stuff isn't good for me at all, so yeah
ah i see i see ): so it's a big change for u rn huh?
i'm a pretty home person, but i just feel like i'm being locked up, in a way. so it still feels like i'm suffocating

i feel you! i like to be alone and at home but when you feel like you couldnt go other places or to see people EVEN THO you wanted then it makes me easily panic. i had it that way last week when i had to wait covid test results in the countryside alone. i was so grateful about my room mates during the lockdown in spring.
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and also. i have been feeling very lonely too lately. like, i have some friends but still. it takes little bit long to explain why.
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